Wow check out the new Matchbox Blue Highways 5-pack

The first Matchbox 5-pack for 2019 is out, and boy is it nice.  Called Blue Highways, and found by collector @Diecast58, who posted it on Instagram:

Dang that’s nice.  I am particularly fond of the SLR McLaren with black 5-spokes, as well as that yellow Camaro.  Heck they are all great.

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  1. The SLR looks stunning in matte grey with black 5 spokes but I hope this is the last time we see a grey/silver SLR. The Panamera, by contrast, looks spot on! Love the red paint and the grey 10 spokes. I was always a big fan of the original Panamera (and the MBX casting) and happy to see it return strongly. The Ute and Camaro, although great castings, leave a little to be desired in the colour department. The Ute looks similar to the sports cars 5 pack version (which I have) from many years ago, the only difference being a lighter shade of purple and grey wheels instead of silver. The Cuda looks nice too. Good that they used white interior rather than grey or black. All in all, it’s a great pack and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  2. What the hell is “blue highways”? It’s trademarked, so I guess it ties in with something??

    Anyway, it looks great. I’ve always thought that Cuda casting was absolutely terrible, but the other four are awesome. Can’t wait to grab one.

      1. I saw that when I did a quick Google search, but I didn’t think there was any way that’s what they were referring to. Seems an odd tie-in.

  3. For once, it’s not a case of “I like these, but I’m stuck with those ugly looking things”. There’s not one I wouldn’t welcome into my collection, and that’s rare in a 5 or 9 pack these days. The nine-packs especially seems like they geared them up to clear out underappreciated, and often despised models.

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