You might want to hold off on spending $100 on that Hot Wheels ’55 Gasser Kroger Exclusive

Pretty crazy prices for that black ’55 Gasser Kroger exclusive right?

The odyssey that has been the black 50th Favorites Gasser has been an interesting one.  The alternate color to the standard pink release was originally set to be a Toys R Us exclusive.  That was until there was no Toys R Us to carry the model.

So Kroger claimed it.  And the word got out, and we are all waiting to find it.

Until a few were found.  Not at Kroger, but Publix, and then Walmart.  And some of those that were found were put on eBay.  And they started selling way high.  $290 to start, and now nicely settled at around $100.  Yikes.

It is surely a desirable model.  It’s the ’55, and it is quite striking in black.  I’d happily pay $100 for one if it was rare.

But it’s not.  It’s coming, and surely in droves.  We just don’t know when.

Think about it.  The model was meant to be a TRU exclusive, then that plan changed.  It isn’t a surprise a few have shown elsewhere, before Kroger.  All that had to be transferred, and it takes time.  Things can get a little mixed up.

You might ask, “Yeah, but Krogers are getting huge shippers now with the 50th Favorites, only the Gasser is the regular pink version.  What gives?”

Well, those shippers are also filled with models that were released a year ago, including Cars & Donuts.  Those shippers were probably planned quite awhile ago, before the black Gasser was moved.  It seems logical that the black Gasser will come in a later wave, and if the amounts of two batches of 50th Faves made are any indication, there are going to a whole hell of a lot of them.

So pay your $100 if you want it now, or pay $5.95 each for several later.  You’ll have your chance.


3 Replies to “You might want to hold off on spending $100 on that Hot Wheels ’55 Gasser Kroger Exclusive”

  1. i like what you’re saying makes perfect sense and i think it looks like black chrome for the interior too , at least it tones down that crappy chrome interior – no car should have a chrome interior…

  2. I think the pink is the better if the two. It fits the gasser vibe. The vibrant colors, the color tinted windows. It’s the perfect homage to that era of cars.

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