The Hot Wheels RLC Lamborghini Countach is ______________

You can insert the word, emoji, gif, whatever.  But make it good, because this thing is stellar.  The HW Design posted this yesterday:

It can’t be any better.  Truly.

In case you missed it, Brendon Vetuskey, who designed this model for the RLC, talked about it in the preview he did with me at the Convention:

I don’t think it is a stretch to say this may be the RLC’s strongest year yet.

4 Replies to “The Hot Wheels RLC Lamborghini Countach is ______________”

  1. Tomica has a red Countach available right now, with opening doors AND an opening engine compartment complete with painted engine detail.

    And, of course, that perfect Tomica build quality.

    It costs over 30 bucks…but this HW Lamborghini will cost just about as much including shipping.

    IF the Mattel website even works properly that day…

    The Tomica comes in a box, so you won’t have to destroy a blister pack if you wanna roll the car around on your tabletop and play with all the opening parts.

    Advantage: Tomica!


  2. Forgive me if this is a stupid question…can we expect models like the RLC Countach and Gullwing to show up in other premium lines eventually?

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