Unboxing: Matchbox 2019 A Case

Here we go.  What will undoubtedly be an interesting year with Matchbox begins with this, the 2019 A Case.  Two new models and a few new decos.

Case Report coming.  Enjoy:

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  1. Lots of carryovers in the very first batch of 2019. The BMW 2002 is no brainer the best one but yet again, suffering from grey bumpers and blue tint windows. What is going on with that? I understand cost-cutting measures but both clear windows and chrome are also plastic. They’ve been using it for the longest time, why not just keep doing it? It ruins good cars like this one and many other classics! This never used to be an issue at Matchbox.

  2. Yeah 100 ,the line has pulled back to. Seeing them ………UK will get about 11….however that BMW is simply lovleh……another bunch we will never get to see. As this year still.UK started on D. …..and still at D………..2019 someone at the distribution /sales dept should buy an Atlas… Poor show………..Asda !!!!!!bs. 🌍💡

    1. Lol my thoughts entirely AMC. I still love watching these unboxing videos and photos so thank you John but they are almost like watching a drama suspense movie. Very nailbiting wondering “will they come to the UK” “won’t they come to the UK”, ” will they come to the UK”…..
      It’s true that we Brits really did start the Matchbox New Year for 2018 back in APRIL at Case D with NOTHING prior to that and things havnt gone much better since though I’ve had more luck than AMC as I’ve found E, F, G, J and K at ASDA but still resolutely no L or M! I appreciate other collectors even in the States are having terrible problems finding new MBX but the reason why so many British collectors complain is simply because Mattel has ensured just ONE supermarket chain is officially allowed to sell Matchbox. Sheer lunacy and one which ASDA have failed big time since 2016!!!
      This new case is packed with goodies, no carryovers for many people as they won’t have been able to find Case M in the first place!! :-0
      The grey plastic continues to annoy but it’s something which will never be fixed until it’s US one Dollar price point is finally abolished and with that in mind the Matchbox Team are doing an admirable job in trying to restore some credibility back to the brand. That new BMW 2002 looks great, I suspect few collectors won’t buy it simply because of its non chrome and blue tinted windows.
      Supply us with the goodies is all we ask, finding new Matchbox just gets worse year on year!!

  3. Lol….suspense movie. It is indeed…living in Norfolk. I’m Miles from anything… I’ve obtained D.E.G….now back to D. With thanks to poundland. F. USA long card. Lidl 5 packs also a treat and cheaper. This Asda exclusive should abolished..,.. I’ve never known it so bad… I hope to see as above at more outlets in the UK. Hope………… Hope the Row gets fair treatment to.

    1. A suspense movie it isn’t because we all know the outcome. I think it is more accurate if we’d call it mbx porn. Because “IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!!!!” it’s a fantasy. :))) On the other hand I guess that never stopped anybody from watching it. LOL. Which is why we’re all still here watching the case openings and showcases. So John thank you for your work and time and keep going. ha ha ha I just thought of something instead of the elevator music it should have really bad 70’s “bow chikia bow wow” music. Sorry. lol.

      1. Lol…Mr szog..mbx porn….still not carrying wood over the tree cab! And no je at’aime style music!…I no the world is deprived of mbx..😁. As Mr Nilsson writes I agree. Mbx is worth so much more. And it should be treated as fair to HWs.. How things are going currently hats off to the team… Maybe in time ,more of what is asked for will happen. How this brand has changed in the last couple of years of how much generics were in the line ups…I still want the range back to 75… Also this stupid distribution problem sorted…. I say use the same as HWs?!

  4. I know that Bimmer shines the most, truly and deserving but i like the Dodge too (drooling all over). Did anyone noticed ? Is it just me, or the Bimmer has that 1970’s #45 3.0 CSI feeling all over it ? Share Your thought about that please ? 🙂

  5. Again MBX shines in the product dept. However I was just able to get the Escalade! I could not imagine being in the UK! You guys over there are getting screwed. I live on the East Coast US and distribution is still a big problem. I see on IG where Australia has peg loads of MBX and here in the US we get 2 rows of 4 and two 5pk pegs! That is horrible and even worse for the UK because MBX is the homeland to the brand! Shameful! As far as the widows and chrome I agree they are not saving much there! How about they get rid of the color changer line it’s not selling and mainlines could take the pegs? That said they keep over doing the 4×4 and generic and MBX will again have way to many peg warmers! The licensed models are what the consumers are wanting but instead we are waiting and there are not enough to go around! I have no problem with the generics because their looking better and better but to have them and 4x4s outnumbering what people are waiting for is dumb! From a sales perspective and from a marketing standpoint it makes absolutely no sense!

  6. Shockingly little that’s actually new here. The 2002 is obviously the star here, I’m looking forward to it. I will NEVER get tired of collecting the INC-liveried vehicles, so keep ’em coming, Matchbox! However…please knock it the F**K off with the gray plastic and blue windows!!! How is it that plenty of Hot Wheels still get the VUM treatment, but it’s kept away from Matchbox for cost reasons? WTF? At least they can hide behind “cost reasons” for that item, but what in GOD’S NAME is with the blue windows?!? Seriously! Stop it! Nobody wants blue tinted windows!!!!

    I appreciate everything Matchbox is doing in terms of cutting down on generics, introducing great new licensed castings, etc, but the details here are INFURIATING. For God’s sake, take more of my money if it means better details! It is HIGH TIME for us to phase in a $1.50 or $2.00 mainline price point. Exactly how long is 99-cent mainlines going to be feasible? What are mainlines going to look like in the year 2025 when we’re still clinging to this bullshit pricepoint? Thinner and thinner paint? Plastic bodies for all models? no tampos? What’s the damn plan here? Is anybody at Mattel considering this? It’s starting to kind of be a joke what the quality of the product has become in the name of keeping things under the magical $1.

  7. BMW nice. Jeep and ram ok. Otherwise not much new. I dont mind grey bumpers on beamer but I hate the blue tint windows. They are even worse than pole in the back of the station wagons and SUVs. The mazda cx5 had them windows too. A shame. It is not about cost as other models have clear. So why exactly?

  8. Really good case and if this is the A case then I’m glad for the carry overs bc In Denver CO we never got the later half of the year. As for the pictures of the year I’d either would have to send in a blank photo or better yet a picture of an empty peg. Because if you read back this year’s comments the one common theme is that we can’t get these cars.

  9. Rather have grey tint. The chrome or lack there of is rediculious! With blue cards putting out Superchromes shows how rediculious it actually is! The Ford series Bronco on the blue card is plastic The Dodge Superchrome and many others are plastic same on the Orange cards so their saving money there. Get the details right now! Stop jerking off the consumers! It’s getting infuriating now! Mattel are truely making little sense! They continue to put out TONS of trash on the blue side andand we the consumer are footing the bill for castings that sit! No one complains so they’ll keep doing it. I was once asked not to offend anyone at Mattel about how they do their jobs. Well how is it they can offend me and consumers by forcing us to pay for product that just isn’t up to snuff and is supposedly geared towards kids when 95%of the garbage sits? Mattel needs to wake up to who their market really is and cater to it! It’s not bitching it is stating the obvious! People need to complain if were paying for their failures! Especially when we are the ones getting the raw end of the deal! John sorry if this is a bit much but your blog woke them up before. It’s an outlet where we should be able to come and place grievances! I try and keep things respctable, this was I think for the most part very tame.

  10. Time to jump on the complaints bandwagon.

    I see a lot of people are upset about the blue tinted windows, but I’m willing to overlook that. The glaring issue for me – and for most other people, as can be read here – is the grey plastic in lieu of chrome. Instead of “the last golden age of Matchbox,” the mid 2000s to the early 2010s might be better named as “the last chrome age of Matchbox,” as there was no hesitation back then to apply chrome to bases when it was due.

    I agree with what’s been said here: I would happily pay a higher price to get these models with better details. I hope Matchbox will consider it.

    Details aside, however, the designers ought to be commended for the excellent work on the models being released. That 2002 really is an stellar casting, so I guess I’ll wait to see whether it gets a premium release with a chrome base so I can add a good sample to my collection.

  11. Listen I have no problem with them cutting costs! Let’s be realistic though, this is not saving them a fortune or small fortune for that matter. My problem is with the lack of respect one brand gets from the other. I said this before Orange gets treated like a step child! Matchbox is clearly making great models and I appreciate it because it was long over due. My problem again is the lack of respect. Don’t say your saving money with these measures. Hot Wheels are putting out tons of junk that clogs pegs to the point I’m sure many skip looking through. They claim it’s because they have a younger consumer? That is blatant BS because for years Mattel has not done market research to even know what sells. If they did they wouldn’t be putting the junk out. It’s a waste of space and a bigger waste of money and Matchbox’s success is paying for it. If chrome was a cost cutting measure Hot Wheels Super Chromes would be a premium series don’t you think? Super Chromes have just as much chrome or more than a base and 3x more than a bumper. Just STOP saying it’s to save money because it makes absolutley no sense!

  12. A little quiz / update. I’m wondering which case is your local market on? bc I just picked up half of the F case at wal mart. I was surprised to say the least. So I’m in Denver CO we’re at the F case.

  13. The ENTIRE U.K. has got no further than Case K and that’s still a relative rarity. Most ASDA stores seem to be stuck at G or under.

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