Here is a first look at the upcoming Hot Wheels RLC Selections Custom ’72 Datsun 240Z

You picked the casting, the deco, and the wheels, and the finished product is done.

@greddykenji showed the samples he got from Mattel today of the brand new Hot Wheels RLC Selections 240z, and it is stunning:

To refresh your memory, every year Mattel runs an elimination poll asking collectors to pick a model, color, and wheels, and this Z is what they chose.  You can’t blame the designers for JDM hype this time.  It was you who decided on this one.

And I am glad it was chosen.  It is a stunner.

More previews to come.

7 Replies to “Here is a first look at the upcoming Hot Wheels RLC Selections Custom ’72 Datsun 240Z”

  1. I am speechless. To think I put my 3 cents in the picking of many of the parts & color to this “ BEAUTY “. Glad I ordered a few. The colors and the engine as well as the tag are all B.A. Great work all.Great pictures Lamley. Thanks.

  2. I have no idea when this is coming out, saw nothing about how many are allowed per RLC account & how many will be made in total ?

  3. I think that its already sold out. This was one of those sale dates where the site was really not working and I had this car in my basket but by the time it stopped spinning to process they sold out…so mad. They should make more!!

  4. Hey BOZ & CHUCK, this Datsun Custom 240Z was an RLC Members only Selection Car. We had around a week to vote on different parts of this car. The CAR,THE COLOR,THE WHEELS& So on. Their was no limit on how many each RLC member could order. A made to order car. This is Pre-order till July 2019. We ordered them sometime in late June or early July 2018 .A whole year to make and ship.What you see is the way the car will be. They may tweet it some. They will inspect each car and have it approved and once all that is done they will let us know in advance so we can have funds in our accounts and the rest of our accounts are up to date. A week to order was a long time. No HIC UPS at all with the ordering process.If a member did have problems CUSTOMER SERVICE was their to help and they let us know they were their to help us.Hope this helps all.

    1. Willib47 or anyone who can help. If this is available to order until July 2019, can anyone guide me thru the website on where to place the order for the Datsun as I can’t locate it and even calling HW customer service is no help at all as they are unaware of how or where to place an order since they can’t locate the website either.

      1. Matchthebox,it is past the time to order the Custom Datsun 240Z. In July 2019 RLC Members will start getting information as to exactly when they are to be shipped. Customer Service can not place orders for you.Reason being the deadline is pass due.How many to be made has not been revealed yet.Hope this helps.

  5. Willieb47 got it right. Sadly Mattel didn’t do this with other rlc cars. It would have been nice to be able to buy as many as you want due to unlimited stock and have a whole week to buy them. There were several cars RLC members could not buy due to limited stock and people buying them all AND a one day purchasing time frame with horrible server issues. Good thing I bought three of these so that I can trade two of them for RLC cars I could not get before.

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