Chevy Trucks had the Silverado, Mopar had the Power Wagon. What does Hot Wheels Ford Trucks have?

There has to be a signature model somewhere in this set.  When the Chevy Trucks series was released, the always-popular ’83 Squarebody Silverado was the first to go.  Same with the Mopar set.  You had to be the first there to get your hands on the Dodge Power Wagon, which for the first time was released outside of a premium set.

But this Ford set?  Like all of these releases, there are some good models and some duds, but what is the must-have?  If you go by the Silverado, it is hard to pick, as there isn’t a model in this set on par with the popularity of the ’83.  If the Texas Drive ‘Em took a slot, it most certainly would be the one.  But there is an equivalent to the Power Wagon.  The  Ford Bronco gets its first non-premium release, but like the Power Wagon retains its metal base.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look quite as nice.  Still, though, metal base?

My pick?  The Ranchero.  Damn it’s good-looking.  Watch the video and pick yours.  Enjoy.

6 Replies to “Chevy Trucks had the Silverado, Mopar had the Power Wagon. What does Hot Wheels Ford Trucks have?”

  1. I picked up the model A but left the rest, for now. I like the Ranchero and even the Sandblaster. If that awful camper cover is removable on the 70’s model I will get it.

  2. All ok apart from the model A and the stupid fantasy orange one, the colour of the green Bronco is fantastic. Could have been better with some of the colours looking too like some previous models ie Red custom Bronco. Good effort but seems like Mattel not really caring too much about what they churn out next.

  3. I picked up the Model A, Ranchero, green Bronco and the ’79 truck. The rest are complete duds to me. The F-150 is well past its expiration date, and the other three just don’t interest me at all. The ’79 might be my favorite, mostly because of the colors, I just really wish they’d do a non-covered one with a real tailgate.

  4. It’s a shame that the ’29 Model A casting lost its metal base, and therefor its bumpers. I assume it’s because the plastic is too brittle to form small, thin details like extended bumpers, so they had to change the truck to more of a racing style. It might’ve been my favourite of the set had it not been for this alteration. Now I think I’ll only be picking up the Bronco and Ranchero if I come across the set.

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