The HW Drag Strip Demons: Watch me open a set, and then go get a set.

First off, you want them?  Go grab a set at Wheel Collectors right now.


Alright, are you back?  Or do you need a little more convincing?  Or just want to see me open the latest Hot Wheels Car Culture set, Drag Strip Demons?

The set is a joy.  Gassers are a thing in the Hot Wheels world right now, and as well they should be.  They allow the Design Team to to jump headfirst into all kinds of fun designs, from tool to deco, and we collectors just eat them up.

That culminates with the Drag Strip Demons, a Japan Historics-esque signature mix in Car Culture that I hope we see again.  Hot Wheels resurrected the name, added Julian Koiles’ brilliant art, and created a no-brainer set.

I got a set from Mattel to open up, and now you can get it at Wheel Collectors if you don’t want to fight the battle at retail.  Either way, grab a set.

6 Replies to “The HW Drag Strip Demons: Watch me open a set, and then go get a set.”

  1. Wow, what an amazing set! LOVE the artwork and the cars themselves. This set will be only the second Car Culture set I’ve collected in full (the other being Shop Trucks, though Cargo Carriers and Circuit Legends have come close). Will definitely be on the lookout for these, esp. the Super Nova and Coronet. Great video and thanks for the DD history as well 🙂

  2. Funny how astoundingly slow sellers the original series was. I was finding them at Big Lots for years after they were out of regular stores.
    I’ve never been a fan of the gasser style cars. I can appreciate them for what they were but I always thought they were aesthetically unattractive. It’s funny how popular they’ve become recently.

    1. Gassers are definitely the ultimate representation of “form follows function”. It was all about squeezing out the fastest 1/4 mile possible, style be damned. From that standpoint, I like them a lot but I do agree they’re not for everyone. Your guess is as good as mine as far as why they’ve become popular now, but warmed pegs years before.

      These are almost worth it for the card art alone.

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