Matchbox Moving Parts are finally coming. Here is a look at the first release.

A year-and-a-half in the making, and the day is finally here.  Matchbox Moving Parts are here.

First announced at the Matchbox Gathering in 2017, it took a bit longer to develop them, but they are here.  Basic Moving Parts will be first, followed by a premium line in early 2019.

Basic Moving Parts will share the card art of the basic line, and retail at $1.99.  The Matchbox Team sent over the first mix for me to preview for you.  Pics coming.

Enjoy the video:

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  1. I’ve been looking forward to this. I’m especially exited about the Willys Wagon. I’ll definitely buy the entire set.

  2. I really want to be excited with these, but the details are really making it hard. Why are they still using that super cheap looking gray plastic? Why is the window plastic so thick? Why is the paint on the Camaro so thin? At $1.99, these should not be issues even with the moving parts.

    1. if you listened to the video you will clearly know why they use grey on the basic line, the plastic is thick as it is also being sued for the opening parts so they need to be thick so as not to break, and the paint is not thin on the Camaro, it’s just the way it looks.

      1. In the case of the VW, is the window working in conjunction with the doors? Regarding the grey plastic, I’m not opposed to the color, it’s the quality of that particular plastic.

      1. It does look like a pre-pro with the numbers printed on the roof. Even so, there have been quite a few production models in recent history with thin paint around the details.

    2. I totally agree on the grey plastic bases. It’s a horrible replacement for the chrome application they used to do, and I hope our continual commentary on it influences Matchbox to revisit their decision to stop using it. The only other thing that bothers me remotely is that the entire engine on the Camaro is orange. That seems a it weird, but I could overlook it.

  3. O – M – G – These will never be available in the UK, because Mattel does not give a stuff about the UK, and with Sainsbury’s taking over ASDA then we will lose all possible hope of getting ANY MBX in the UK, why will they not set up a seperate sales company, Majorette does, and i can get what i want in the amounts i want when i want, it is such a shame that the postage costs charged by 99% of sellers are so far away from actual costs, that getting models from the US are becoming very VERY Expensive.

  4. These are definitely cool. I have a hard time finding the regular mainlines as it is though, so I’m worried about ever even getting a glimpse of these. I’m willing to look past some of the wonky details because they have to do these to a tight budget, but the back “seats” in the Crown Vic are particularly stupid. You have nice opening parts, but a completely unrealistic back seat view when you open them. Otherwise, these look really great, and I think the Willys is also my favorite, though I’d have liked a quieter (or at least non-metallic) paint color for such a utilitarian vehicle.

    Oh, and John, Willys is actually pronounced “Willis”

  5. Thanks for the clarification on the grey plastic on the basic plus models. At first I was getting disappointed because I figured if you’re gonna release an upgraded line of basic cars, you would use much better materials, especially on cars that deserve a lot of chrome. At least put some budget where it belongs. The VW, Grand Prix, and Willys all could’ve earned the chrome treatment. But since there’s a Premium line with better materials, it’s more forgiving. That tease of the Mercedes and Range Rover got me instantly excited! Can’t wait to see those!

  6. Im glad these are back, and i hope they are coming to the u.k….how things are , and how it stands im thinking not….this year has been one of the worst for distribution and so on …?…65th…?… As mr mower above mentions majorette, at least they reply and give you distribution patterns..and they take note….alot to learn mbx…mattel …advertise , make a new breed respect mbx too. This asda uk exclusive is crap, 3 batches to date….poor show.

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