The Hot Wheels Drag Strip Demons are here. Don’t forget the originals.

What a phenomenal set.  Hot Wheels Car Culture ends 2018 on a super strong note with the Drag Strip Demons, muscle-tastic set of drag racers.  The usual suspects are here, the ’55 Bel Air Gasser and Mercury Cyclone, as well as the retail debut of the Chevy Super Nova.

But it is the other two models that make this set extra special.  The latest comeback story if you will.  Think of that story arc that the Datsun 510 ran.  Pegwarmer to one of the most desirable Hot Wheels models around.  The same goes for the Dodge Coronet and ’63 Nova.  Two castings that debuted in the original Drag Strip Demons, an ultra-premium set from Hot Wheels that fell flat on its face.  An epic peg-warming set.

Well, these two make their triumphant return after years of obscurity.  Not only are they part of the new Car Culture set, but they brought the name with them.  That’s a triumphant tear-jerker if it were a movie.

So to celebrate, I dug into the originals for this Lamley Channel feature.  It’s only fitting.  Enjoy.


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  1. Cool stuff. I’m hoping my luck will hold out, as I’ve been pretty lucky in getting everything I want from Car Culture this year. I’m sure there’ll be fierce demand for models like the Bel Air Gasser.

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