Lamley Awards Poll: What was the BEST & WORST Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt of 2018?

It’s time for the Lamley Awards!

Every year, Lamley Readers/Viewers make their picks in a variety of topics, and this year will be the most comprehensive yet.  As always, we start with BEST & WORST Super.  Pics coming, but we start with a video showcase of every Super released in 2018.  Watch and vote below:




19 Replies to “Lamley Awards Poll: What was the BEST & WORST Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt of 2018?”

  1. What a hard decision! It was a tossup between the ’52 Chevy, Audi RS6, and Cruella de Vil for me, and I went with the one that most people probably won’t pick. Cruella was my favourite. The upgrades that the Super has over the basic model are tremendous. The whitewall Real Riders make the model look stupendous, and Spectraflame deep red always looks great. Not to mention the taillight details were a nice bonus. It may not be a replica of a real vehicle, but I love ’20s and ’30s style cars, and this casting is sweet.

  2. Did anyone else find it ironic that the ‘chase’ Fiat 500 was made into a Super late in the 2018 mainline?

  3. Normally I like to pick a best Super that has additional detailing over the standard version, but the RS6 just looks SO. GOOD. that I couldn’t not pick it. The stance, the wheels, the shade of red, it’s just perfect. The tooned Mustang is quite obviously the worst. I wish Hot Wheels would leave the tooned castings behind, or at least not waste a slot in the Super lineup on them.

    This was a dud year for me in terms of finding Supers…only found one, the Datsun 620, though admittedly that was a good one to find.

  4. Best: Audi RS6 cause it looks gorgeous and they didn’t ruin it with silly design. Aventador close second for the same reason.

    Worst: tooned Mustang. Why was it even an STH?

    I’m really surprised why so many people think the Fiat 500 was the worst. Its far from it.

  5. Oh crud. This means I need to pick between the R30 and R33 Skylines soon… I’ve been dreading this for the last year,

  6. I get the feeling the fiat was a last minute replacement for a csating that didn’t happen……Only found one super this year (Camaro) my pick for best was the Audi worst was the Fiat

  7. I have to agree with blackwind, the fiat 500 wasn’t horrible. It wasn’t my favorite but it was my second super I have foubd in my life so I was happy to find at least one. The ’68 tooned mustang is ok but it shouldn’t have been a super. The tooned series should be let out to pasture.

  8. Who cares! Sorry for that. Just had to blow off some steam over not finding a Super for some 10 years now. And I’m not much for supporting eScalpers. Kinda takes away a bit of the excitement.

    OK, now on to the beautiful models! For me it is easily the Audi RS6 Avant. Love the color, love those wheels, love the stance (no, not the comical, broken axle kind of “stance”) and love the clean unadulterated deco! It could have been the Porsche 934.5, as I absolutely love this casting, but the unrealistic color detracts from it.

    The Lamborghini Miura Homage was also in the running, but like many Supers, the color is not as appealing as the basic. I understand Spectraflame paint is supposed to be something special and the quality of the paint is nice, but perhaps the available shades are too limited to be a good match for all models they’re applied to. Also, I absolutely hate the gold plastic wheels used here. They look really cheap and really plasticy. In theory I like the idea of gold wheels on this particular model, it’s just the execution is less than stellar. My runners up are the Borla Mustang and Nissan Skyline. If you’re going to apply “busy” deco, this is the way you do it on the Mustang. Looks just like something you’d see down at the track.

  9. As far as worst Super of the year, it was a toss up between the cartoon super-deformed Mustang and the Kool Kuda. I’m just not into the “Tooned” models and I became real sick and tired off all the Checkmate cars clogging the pegs this year. If you are a big fan of both die cast cars and chess and you wanted to build a full set, I could see how these may have been appealing, but clearly that is a very tiny subset of collectors. I know super-deformed was a thing from back in my anime days, but I’m over it. I steer heavily towards realism these days.

    Wow! Can you believe the Bone Shaker is the only non-licensed casting in this years Supers lineup? I give a pass to made-up Screen Time castings. Lets hope 2019 continues this trend!

  10. My feeling is the fiat was a last minute replacement for a casting that didn’t happen for some reason……It gets my vote for worst. Best was the Audi even the basic looks amazing…. Only found one super this year Camaro

  11. Alright lets gets serious. There is no way the fiat 500 should lose out to the tooned mustang. I have one in hand and its not a bad super at all. The curella,king kuda, and chevy nova rank lower than the fiat to me.

  12. The problem with the Nova was it looked nearly identical to the standard release. Good looking car but not super material to me. Lambo got my vote as best. Indy car got my worst vote. Just an all around unappealing casting in any form. You can’t polish a turd, as they say.

  13. Let’s try some official images:


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