Hot Wheels 50th Favorites Mix B is now available at Wheel Collectors

It came and went at the store, although I have to think more will show, but hobby dealers are now getting the second mix of Hot Wheels 50th Faves.

And that includes Wheel Collectors.  They got their shipment today and they are listed now:

Hot Wheels 50th Faves Mix B at Wheel Collectors

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    1. Technically Batch A did come to the U.K. via Smyths Toys. Admittedly they did sell out very quickly with many stores I visited having no sign of them ever being there but I was able to find the full set in two of their outlets. At £6.99 each they certainly weren’t U.S. prices either!! 🙁

  1. Pegs *completely* full of econolines, I bet there are 4 dozen between the 4 targets and walmarts I frequent. 2nd batch never made it out. Well-planned again.

    1. I saw 50th Favorites wave 1 at one, maybe two Targets in my area, but no Walmarts. Walmart apparently is reserving their Car Culture pegs for their collection of dust. They never stock Car Culture!!! I never saw the full wave at Target, but they definitely had the Ford Econoline Pickup. Surprisingly, their pegs are currently filled with Econolines, 8 or so, and nothing else. But these Econolines are all from the Shop Truck series. It’s enough to make me seriously consider if Target somehow buys these in solid cases. Still no 50th Faves wave 2 around here. But no matter, there is nothing here that piques my interest.

  2. The pegs are stuffed full of the Javelin from the first batch where I am…which is not the model I would have expected to warm the pegs…

    I sure hope this batch shows up in the quantities the first one did, I’d like to pick up all but one of these. Interesting that the Li’l Red Express is by far the most expensive on Wheel Collectors’ site…I wouldn’t have guessed that’d be the most sought after.

  3. My Target is stuck with Econolines and Javelins so the second batch never even made it to our area. Same with surrounding towns. Either nothing or first batch pegwarmers. Surprisingly some Datsun 510 Wagons are left behind at certain stores. I never thought that would ever be a pegwarmer at any location. Hopefully the hit and miss of the second batch comes around again but this time in much bigger and longer droves.

  4. They haven’t really hit the big box stores yet. My buddy found two sets in a WalMart about a month ago. I found some in Kroger last night. These will be everywhere eventually just like wave 1. That said, the Lil Red Express is the most expensive because it’s the single out of a 10 pack case.

  5. +1 to Brandon, Ben & Connor: tons of 50th Faves Econolines, Javelins, and even a few 510 Wagons. I have a handful of the Econolines & 510s, I don’t want any more! I did get a couple Javelins, and was able to find the Squarebacks (rarer) and Chevys (rarest) to complete a couple sets. It’s hard to imagine these stores ordering Batch B in these conditions! As far as the new Forza set goes, I’ve found pairs of 2002s at two different stores, but not a single other Forza..

  6. I was in Detroit this past week and visited 4 Targets and found this full set in a Target in Livonia, also found several sets of the new Team Transport in 3/4 stores.

  7. This is typical scalping. They have posted a Lil Red Wagon, a car that cost $1.24 at Walmart, listed for $17.99! No wander I can never find any of these cars in the stores! I want them for ME not for resale but, if I really wanted them, I am forced to go to a scalper to get it and pay through the nose.

    Those people suck.

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