It’s official: A Fast & Furious Premium Line is coming to Hot Wheels

The biggest Hot Wheels no-brainer has finally been realized, and now officially announced:

Fast & Furious has toiled around in all kinds of corners of Mattel.  First as additions to the Hot Wheels basic range, then as special Walmart exclusive basic subsets, then here and there in HW Entertainment, and finally in peg-warming purgatory as a larger scale line.

We all knew where it needed to hit.  As a special premium line a la Car Culture.  And guess what?  It is happening.  The first mix of what will be a crazy popular line has been unveiled with much more to come.

The cool thing about this line is its approach.  Obviously the focus is premium versions of cars from the movies, but they can be the cars that were prominently featured or not.  That means the line will serve not only as a promotion for the movies, but show a nice cross section of cool cars, just like Car Culture.

And that is why the first mix is focused on imports.  Other mixes will feature other themes.  And yeah, I am going to collect them all.  And yeah, feature them too.

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  1. Happy to see the Superleggera come back in some capacity. But come on, they should have gone Supra or new casting with an Eclipse.

    1. I was wondering if they were going to offer another mix of cars… I thought I heard somewhere the 1st gen Monte Carlo was supposed to be included.. if it’s true, I can’t wait!

    2. They have a new Eclipse casting on the way, this might be where it premiers, just in a later batch. Since it’s not in this batch it’s possible it’s still a work in progress.

  2. Wow those new hotwheels premium fast & furious car’s coming out are all awesome.👍 I will be on the hunt for all 5 of those and I can’t wait to add all 5 of those to my hotwheels collection.👍

  3. Please give us cars that were actually in the movies and with the actual graphics/deco. I don’t want to see some random cars thrown in just to milk the F&F franchise.

    1. This first batch is good…I’m just afraid future batches will include cars that were never in the movies or cars that made a 1 minute appearance. And I hope HW knows that there are more than just Skylines…..

      1. @Jeff the Superleggera was at the end of FF 6 outside Dom’s house when they’re all having lunch. It was actually a 1st gen Gallardo in the movie but Hot Wheels don’t have that so we got the existing 2nd gen.

  4. Meh…I may pick and choose a few of these to grab, but I see no reason to be a completist. Some of the tuner culture graphics are a bit much (not necessarily in this initial batch, but certainly in future batches) so I think I’ll probably stick to the models that I have a non-F&F interest in, like the fairly stock-looking black Skyline, the Escort and Gallardo. I have a feeling at least the Escort and Gallardo will be the less in-demand of the bunch, so hopefully they’ll be easier to find.

  5. Also, I forgot to mention…it’s nice to see the new rim style being done in chrome…From the first few times it’s been used, I was worried it was always going to show up in black or gray.

  6. I love the Superleggera!! But from which angle does it look like an import? And why have they selected models that got nothing more than 5 seconds of screen time in the whole movie?

    Judging by the huge number of comments everywhere asking which movie featured the Gallardo and the R32, its pretty obvious that people don’t associate these cars with FF, they hardly even know. And on the other end of the spectrum we have the R34 which they just won’t stop making. I understand its one of the most iconic cars from the FF series but come on, how many times are you going to make a replica of the same car? There’s so many other cars they could’ve done.

    But nevertheless, I’ll be buying this set for sure. Not for the movies they represent but for the cars themselves.

  7. If this is done right, it could very well be one of my favorite sets, right up there with Vintage Racing 2011. And in my book “done right” means it had better have all — or the lion’s share — of these:

    Brian’s Eclipse (tFatF)
    Brian’s Supra (tFatF)
    Brian’s Escort (which appears to be confirmed in the post) (F6)
    Brian’s EVO (2F2F)
    Brian’s silver R34 (2F2F) (confirmed)
    Brian’s Hakosuka GT-R (F5)
    Brian’s Lightning (tFatF)
    Dom’s red Chevelle (FaF)
    Dom’s Charger (tFatF)
    Dom’s Rio Charger (F5)
    Dom’s Charger “Daytona” (F6)
    Dom’s (sort of) F-Bomb Camaro (FaF)
    Dom’s RX-7 (tFatF)
    Han’s RX-7 (TD)
    Han’s LC500 (F5)
    Han’s Maverick (F5)
    Sean’s Monte Carlo (TD)
    Sean’s Mustang (TD)
    Sean’s EVO (TD)
    Ja Rule’s Integra (TFatF)
    Roman’s Camaro (F7)
    Roman’s Mustang (F6)
    Jesse’s VW (TFatF)
    Suki’s S2000 (2F2F)
    One of Tej’s Ram trucks (2F2F)
    D.K.’s 350Z (TD)
    Tej’s/Roman’s Koenigsegg (F5)
    The Team’s Civic Coupe (TFatF)
    Letty’s Road Runner (FaF)
    Letty’s Interceptor (F6)
    Mia’s NSX (FaF/F5)

  8. It sounds like opinions are mixed here. I for one have never been an F&F fan, though I love performance cars and exotics. So I am wholeheartedly on the side of those wanting and excited for the cars that made half second appearances in the background and not so much the bastardized main cast of cars festooned with boy racer tack-ons. I will definitely be hunting stores for the Gallardo and R32 Skyline. Probably even the Escort as well. But I am crying inside over the gaudy desecration of what could have otherwise been a beautiful Silvia.

    I am without doubt looking forward to the arrival of this series of Car Culture, but will also be picking and choosing my purchases.

  9. Interesting set, not particularly interested at all in FnF myself, tho the R32 and S15 castings look great (I like to do customs btw), will be on the lookout for them (hopefully I can get a few before the scalpers swoop in lol)

    Can’t wait to crack a few of those R32s open, and make a complete Group A set out of them ^_^
    as for the S15s a plain white custom is on the table, also might do one in a similar orang as the prototype (colour looked great imo)

  10. Why Mattel doesn’t come up with Dom’s red rx7 is beyond me. The casting already came out in many recolors, yet they didnt think of this. Instead they keep pounding skyline r34 to death. Those people over at creative department need to be fired!!

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