Up-to-Date: Hot Wheels ’90 Honda Civic EF

Going Super TH on the EF Civic is a great first Super TH for Hot Wheels in 2019.  It is also a fantastic addition to the EF Civic family.  The decos have stayed relatively clean, making this a fun casting to collect.

So with the Super and 2019 Basic out, it is a good time to roll out an Up-to-Date video on the Lamley Extras Channel.  Be sure to subscribe and enjoy:

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  1. Nice! The ’90 EF Civic hatch was the poster child for my Civic love affair.

    I have about half of these. I don’t remember the red (debut?) model, but I remember searching high and low for the teal one. I only saw a couple and both unfortunately had mis-aligned tampos. I picked up one of the metallic black models with race graphics. It’s nice, but I gotta say I prefer the clean decos. Was the silver with blue model a multi-pack exclusive? Don’t have that one, but that’s ok, as it is my least favorite. The 2017 white Then And Now release was a bear to track down, getting snagged up I’m sure, as soon as they hit the pegs. Eventually they did appear months later at some non-big box retailers, thank goodness! No chance of getting the K-Days blue release unless I shell out to the e-scalpers. And what the heck happened to the supposed Walmart exclusive Honda Series? I was greatly looking forward to that line, but they never showed up? A victim of Mattel planning more than they could handle for the 50th or just more of Walmart’s ineptitude? Looking forward to searching wide and far for the 2019 GReddy release! I could always not stress and just keep an eye on the off-the-beaten-path stores months from now.

  2. Wait, they got two versions of the blue? Damn! I sure as hell ain’t paying those e-scalpers for one. To top it off, the white Greddy is only one, yes ONE, per box. Are you freaking kidding me Mattel??!! Choke on your peg-warmer generics and eat them!!!

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