A quick, very informal look at some upcoming 2019 Hot Wheels Premium Models with the Hot Wheels Design Team

Saturday night of the Convention.  The Finale is over.  The ballroom is empty.  Hotel staff is breaking down the stage.  My 12-year-old daughter, so bored with the diecast geekdom, has resorted to counting the empty chairs with her older sister at home on FaceTime.

Me?  I’m in a corner of the ballroom, packing up my things after filming a couple of preview videos with members of the Hot Wheels Design Team.  It’s late, and we are all tired.  We previewed a lot, but there was one board left.  The one with 2019 Car Culture and other premium models on it.  Jimmy from Marketing asked if I wanted to set up for a preview video.  I didn’t, and I could tell by the looks of the other folks there that they were done too.

So a quick run with my camera, and some eavesdropping on the conversation we were having, add a little music, and here is the video.  You can hear the voices of Designers Ryu and Dima (who did a preview with me that I will show soon) and Jimmy from Marketing.  Oh, and mine too.  Listen a couple of times, and you get some details on those models.  Coming soon to Car Culture, Pop Culture, and RLC.  Enjoy:

4 Replies to “A quick, very informal look at some upcoming 2019 Hot Wheels Premium Models with the Hot Wheels Design Team”

  1. Wow all of those new 2019 hotwheels coming out are all awesome.👍 I will be on the hunt for all of those.👍 And I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection.👍

  2. Well I see a lot of the same! The Flatbed is nice but most of these are either premium, club or mail in stuff. Where are the NEW models? Where is the stuff the brick and mortar stuff, the mainlines? What I have seen from the basic range has been peg warmers! All the good stuff comes out in premium club ect. The true hunters and collectors are being short changed imo! Even the premium are mostly recycled castings. How about Mattel and Hot Wheels get back to basics. Seems Matchbox is the better brand right now imo. Hot Wheels seems to rely on recycled castings and premium stuff and have forgotten where they get their following from. There is a reason you walk into a retailer and most car culture models are sitting. The reason is MOST collectors gloss over those categories. Speaking for myself, you can only have so many of one casting it gets very boring. Turn to the Matchbox side and your waiting for models in the BASIC range just to hit the pegs. This goes back to what I have always said. Mattel short changes the Matchbox line. That line is held in it’s place under Mattel. It will always be 2nd to HWs even when the models are better at times. Right now Matchbox dose not need premium lines because the basics are just that good. As long as your willing to be patient and can find them. This to me is just more proof that Mattel and HWs caters to the secondary markets not it’s consumer. It’s a shame really, I love both brands but am increasingly getting bored and tired of HWs.

  3. I love what was shown this year! I cannot wait to get my hands on the NSX GT3. Both of them! Love that the Mercedes-AMG GT3 is getting the premium treatment! The Huracan has never looked better! ‘Strange’ seeing it on a Doctor Strange card. But no matter, I’ll just rip it open and throw away the packaging. Usually I am all over anything Gulf Racing, but here I’m a bit lukewarm to the chosen castings. I am nuts over the McLaren F1 however! The custom Z with mystic paint is intriguing. As a Redline Club exclusive(?), I’ll have to admire from the web. I do like the Unimog, but will likely pass due to the Street Fighter deco. The star for me has got to be the Porsche 930 on the flatbed truck. I haven’t heard anything about this set. Is it coming to Car Culture Team Transport or is it going to be a limited exclusive? It looks a lot like the RWB 930 coming in CC Silhouettes.

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