The second Nissan Xterra from Matchbox is coming, but something is different.

If you have encountered the latest Matchbox on the pegs, you might have picked up a red Nissan Xterra.  It’s a triumphant return for the casting after taking several years off.

Only one major aspect of the model is different.  That rear door doesn’t open.  The original casting had an open door, this one, because it is basic, doesn’t.


There is another Xterra coming, part of the Basic Plus line.  If you are not familiar with Basic Plus, it is a new line of models from Matchbox that are the same as the $1 basic models, only now with opening parts, and only costing $2.  There are six models in the first batch – video preview coming – and one is the Nissan Xterra.


It’s back.  Slightly different than the original, but with an opening rear door.  The top roof rack is now plastic, which I think is better considering is gets a color break.  And it looks great in baby blue.


This is also the first time we see how the plastic doors will look.  As Matchbox developed the new Basic Plus line, in order to make some models work, the doors were done in plastic.  Most are metal, but there are few in plastic.  This is one.  We were told the paint difference will be really hard to detect, and they were right:


The Xterra is a most welcome return.  Matchbox has really pushed diverse, licensed, realism, and this fits in perfectly.  That goes for the whole first batch: Xterra, Pontiac Gran Prix, VW 1600, Chevy Camaro, Crown Vic Police, and Jeep Willys.

Look for a preview in a few days, and for the models to hit the pegs later this year.


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  1. I love these. I have been collecting matchbox along with hotwheels since 1994. Now everyone is collecting matchbox and it is harder to find them. Everyone jumping on the bandwagon.LOL

  2. Welcome back, moving parts. However, the fit of the rear door looks poor, that awful grey plastic persists, and no tail lights. 50 years ago, this would not be the case with a matchbox car (except the tail lights being painted).

  3. “encountered the latest Matchbox on the pegs”…


    You must be joking.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. The last time I found any Matchbox basics was like two or three months ago. It was the J case with the BMW i8, Chevy Camaro Convertible, Trailer Trawler, etc. I still haven’t found the two wagons in that batch which makes me mad! I’ve found plenty of Jurassic World but no sign of basics anywhere!

    2. My thoughts exactly. That was the first thing I saw also. We havent had a fresh matchbox on any pegs anywhere in CO.

  4. It doesn’t have an opening door because it’s in the basic line? The basic line used to have opening doors, suspension and extras years ago anyway. They are advertising these extras as ‘plus’ or ‘premium’ when in the days before Mattel these were the norm and what you would expect. As for finding any matchbox, basic or otherwise it’s virtually impossible for anyone to find and complete anything. The brand has fallen so low in standard and availability under Mattel ownership (worst ever) yet you continue to sing their praises. I really don’t understand. The brand is disappearing fast in nearly all nations outside the US and now it’s even vanishing from stores in the US. Designers do a FABULOUS job under serious restraints imposed by Mattel that have almost quashed the brand into extinction. Yet still on here Mattel can do no wrong.

  5. If only mbx was treated as equal to Hws. Hws everywhere. I wouldn’t mind the “EXCLUSIVE”, if asda was able to stock and distribute their selves. Hws £1.20,…mbx.£1.97….5packs £8.97mbx….urm…even I turn my head. Hws always stocked regular….my local asda has had only d, e, g, now back to d…only 2 bxs of g for nearly 4 months….how ever its sad to see a great company to be belittled as it has. 2part tampo rule, 4part production as mainline. Distribution?!….. However I’m pleased many generics and crap are being phased out and it seems to be heading the right way..then again using many great castings from years ago….golden age?!…i hope 2019 brings ALL to UK and to MORE outlets. …65th a poor show. Lucky to have interest at all….Mattel showed no interest to us…

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