Another Lamley Purge Sale is on.

Time to make some space, sell off the extras, and transfer some goodies to your collections.

Lamley Purge Sale items on eBay

Whenever I try to organize the collection, I just obsess with making space.  I open my models mainly to enjoy and photograph them out of the package, but also because they display better loose, and STORE better loose.  And that is what I want the bulk of my collection to be.  Loose models.

So when I get the collection together, I grow obsessed with getting rid of some of it, and that always makes me thing a lot of this stuff would be serve another collector better.  So that is what I am doing.

To give everyone a fair shot, I am listing these items on ebay.  The listings will ALWAYS be 3 days, and will ALWAYS start at $.99.  That means you guys dictate the price.  If the item sells for $.99, so be it.

I am starting with a few extras from the HW Convention, plus a few others.  I will update with new items every few days, and will always let you know when I do on Facebook and IG, or here on the blog.  Go grab what you want, and give these models a good home.

Lamley Purge Sale items on eBay

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