The Matchbox Convention in Germany has come to a close. Here is a look at the three – actually four – Mercedes-Benz G Wagon Exclusives.

The Matchbox European Gathering of Friends has come to a close in Leipzig, Germany.  I have done a few features on the event, including the charity auction.

I haven’t gotten a ton of details on how the event went, but I am sure Dirk will share them with me.  Abe Lugo from the Matchbox Team was there, and presented some sneaks.  Hopefully I will have some footage from that presentation at some point.  I also asked him about the Charity Auction.  It is always interesting to see what the donations fetched.  I don’t know all, but I know the two pink G Wagons made by Matchbox that were sold at the auction went for close to $1000 each.  Why?  Because outside of a few made for Convention workers, that is all there are.  So three models, plus a super rare fourth.  Here is a look:

Orange and Green are still available, and completely worth getting.  The links are below:

Orange G Wagon Leipzig

Green G Wagon Leipzig



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