Here are all the slides from Mattel’s 2019 Hot Wheels Sneak Peek Presentation. What are you excited for?

Lots and lots of pics of the slides have been posted.  Considering I filmed it, and the eye-roll I got from my 12-year-old daughter when I floated the idea of her taking pics, I didn’t have the means.

But I take a mean screenshot.  So, while pics have been floated all over the place, here they are in order, from this presentation:

Tell me what you have on your want list.

Click on the pics for a larger view:

22 Replies to “Here are all the slides from Mattel’s 2019 Hot Wheels Sneak Peek Presentation. What are you excited for?”

  1. Wow all of those new 2019 hotwheels coming out are all awesome.👍 They’re all my favorites.👍 I will be on the hunt for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection.👍

      1. Except he isn’t, as far as LaLD knows. He’s just Samuel Ace, guy who likes toy cars. He’s been featured here.

      2. Good one. You might be wrong for him being a scalper. Anybody can be a scalper and it’s not a crime. It’s all about the supply and demand like anything else. A scalper also can be a collector that would want to make a dollar or two if he can do it. A scalper would not waste his time for these unless the have a big value and are rare. But honestly, i’m sick of the thumbs up’s. He is always the first to leave a comment and I keep thinking if he is there with him when he posts it. No hate, just saying. I do leave comments, but not on all posts. Some people just get too excited, what can you do? Thanks.

  2. a little underwhelming to be honest. the graphics and general color choices look awful on a lot of the models. Looks like being a down year after the frenzy of the 50th…which ironically only a few could get fully involved with…the rest of us mere mortals just yawned and fatalistically let it all pass by as yet another year wasted, when hardly anything was available on the pegs.

    1. The distribution is a known quantity, but I think the focus on stock builds is to blame for the “meh” feeling. The base 993 and Z32 don’t elicit as much reaction as a hotter version; it’s not “racy” enough or “tuner” enough to jump out of the pegs like the Senna (despite a muted color choice), even if they’re meant to be a blank canvas for custom work. Half the cars in the Mainline look like cars Matchbox would make. Where’s the new Chiron? Koenigsegg One:1? Huayra BC? The new hypercars from Aston and Mercedes claimed to equal F1 pace? Those were headline-grabbing cars that now adorn desktop wallpapers, and yet we never saw samples or slides for them.

      Maybe we wished for the wrong thing? In our quest for realism, we might have forgotten the point of Hot Wheels: fast cars that look like nothing else on any road. So much stock was put on JDM and classics that we’ve shunned modern machinery even as they themselves approach HW levels of absurdity, and then some. I think it’s time we ask for something new and different.

  3. The Senna alone is rustling my jimmies, but I’d wait for the recolors. All the rest fall up and down the scale. Standout entries for me are from the Car Culture: Open Track and Silhouette lines, Walmart rally line and Guile’s Unimog.

  4. Meh. The CRX and Rover pickup are cool. A stock 993 will be nice to have. The 510 Transporter is cool. Can take or leave much of the rest.

  5. I’m not a scalper. I’m a regular hotwheels collector. I collect hotwheels because I like them and I love them. I don’t buy hotwheels to resell and make money no way. So please never call me a scalper again.

  6. What am I excited for?
    Jeepster Commando with motorcycle
    Land Rover pickup
    VW pickup
    Dodge Charger 500 in black

    And then there are some tentatives:
    Muscle Bound has a paint job that looks cool…love the tiger shark teeth.
    Path Beater looks like a fun truck, but I’m a little worried about the “premium” label…how much is that going to cost?
    Unimoc U1300 looks like an excellent casting, but it’s probably permanently relegated to the Pop Culture line, where I would have to pay extra for a licensed paint job that I hate.
    VW T1 Rockster is another excellent casting, but as and RLC model there’s no way it will ever be within reach.

    There are other cars and paint jobs in there that look interesting, but those are the ones that were actually exciting.

    1. We share the same tastes and concerns.

      I also like the Studebaker Champ. It’s one of my favorite castings.

      I wonder if the Myers Manx will ever make a return to the lineup?

  7. My top 3 models thag I’m most excited for:

    McLaren Senna
    Porsche 993
    Audi RS5

    There’s so much more that I’m excited for (Dr Strange Huracan, opening doors 300 SL and Countach) but these 3 are the stand out models for me.

  8. If I have to choose then it would be the team transport with the Datsun 510. Also I hope your daughter enjoyed the bonding together with you on a Hot Wheels convention. 🙂

  9. Silhouettes, huh? That certainly piques my interest as I am currently custom painting an R30 Skyline.
    Difficulty: the icon was sponsored by Tomica.

    1. How do you work the wing and spoilers? Yup, Tomica ain’t gonna release licence of that r30 to any toymaker, let alone Mattel. Silhouettes series without skyline is not exciting enough for me

  10. The ones I’m most excited for:

    Lots of JDM since I’m a major fan such as the Nissan Z32, Honda Civic Type R, Honda CR-X, and first gen Mazda Miata. The Porsche 993 looks fantastic in stock form as well as the ’71 Porsche 911 in a German police livery! The Gulf Car Culture line looks promising! No one has really mentioned the Target Throwback series. I really like the BMW M3, Datsun 240Z and ’70 Camaro! The BTTF Time Machine with railroad wheels should be nostalgic since I have a soft spot for those movies!

    So basically, I have a lot to look forward to despite the fact that many argue it’s a not-so-great year for Hot Wheels; too many JDMs, horrible colors and liveries, not much variety, etc. I’m looking at it more optimistically.

  11. That nsx gt3 are sick! Anything with tuners tampo looks awesome! That includes the HKS R32, and laurel gulf. BRE is a little overplayed, so it has lower priority on my list.

  12. Quite a few mainlines to be excited about there. First and foremost for me is the McLaren Senna. Although I don’t expect it to be as nice as the MiniGT appears to be. The Senna needed to be done. Also excited about the Nissan 300ZX among others.

    The Car Culture Open Track set is complete fire. Also need the RWB Porsche and the Gulf Racing McLaren F1 GTR.

    The Super Nova Team Transport is also a must.

    Can’t wait to see what else Hot Wheels has in store for us in 2019

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