Here is the full Mattel Hot Wheels 2019 Sneak Peeks Presentation

The Hot Wheels Team did not disappoint at tonights Convention Finale.  Once again, they dropped sneak peeks from Basic, Premium, and RLC.  Lots and lots to be excited about.

Here is the full presentation.  The presentation goes up to about 22 minutes, the rest is Q&A.  Enjoy:

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  1. They definitely didn’t show the full 1H Mainline set, but what I saw titillated me.

    –McLaren Senna (the accessible kind, considering the upcoming super-premium offerings from MiniGT), some great pick-up trucks and apple-crate Bug, Hondas (the FK8 Civic-R will be highly-scrutinized), base 993 and Z32, Audi RS5, and lots of recolors.

    –The F1 GTR is as good as gone, and so does the HKS R32, but Open Track still has the goods, unlike the Gulf set, which I think is the first miss of the much-vaunted Car Culture line. Silhouettes are intriguing–that’s where the DR30 Super Silhouette might land, but what’s the 5th model?

    –Here’s hoping we get a 90’s-era and modern-era Team Transport, with the F1 GTR, 787B, on one assortment and some new race cars in another. Maybe the new IndyCar? LMP1? Rally cars? As cool as this set is, I want to see new faces.

    –Store exclusives tickle my fancy, but being in the Philippines, they’ll be impossible to snag without ponying up. Good to see the old Boss 302 on the sub-mainline; wishing for the Javelin and its fendered ilk. The rally set in particular fascinates me. If that’s an 8-sort, what else would it carry? Maybe reissues of old World Rally tooling? The white ’12 Fiesta that I saw on IG?

    We’ve got a whole lot to wait for next year, and this is just first half. Who knows what 2H brings? Hypercars? Rally? Something out of left-field? Would there be more recolors? Oh god,

  2. Brad, not sure if you caught it, but they show the Master Set picture. 50th Anniversary Race Team box… only 15 cars. That means no #12.

  3. Wow all of those new 2019 hotwheels coming out are all awesome.👍 I will be on the hunt for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection.👍

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