The European Matchbox Convention is on. Here are the MUST-SEE Mattel-donated auction items.

Convention overload!

I am in LA for the Hot Wheels Convention, while many of my European friends, including Matchbox Designer Abe Lugo, are in Leipzig, Germany for the European Gathering of Friends Convention.  And I am trying to stay on top of both.

It isn’t easy, but it is worth it.  There are tons to cover from both.  And this post is dedicated to the Charity Auction that will be held on Saturday at the Leipzig show.  And if you want to bid, you can.  You just need to email Dirk Schleuer (, who runs the event, and let him know how much you are willing to bid.

Let’s start with the auction items, including many donated by Matchbox itself.  That means some killer prototypes.  You can find the auction listing here.  And with photos here.

There are several models donated by Mattel, some of which I pictured here:

Also, the second of two special Jurassic World models.  The first sold for a whopping $3700 at the US Gathering Convention, and the second is available now:


The model that might garner the most attention, however, might be this pink Mercedes G Wagon.  There are three colors of the Exclusive this year, but Mattel made a very limited fourth color, in pink.  Only 25 made, all accounted for, except for two, available at auction.


If you are interested in these, email Dirk ( before 3 pm German time Saturday.

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