Showcase: Hot Wheels Car Culture Circuit Legends

The second-to-last Car Culture release of 2018, and it’s great one.  Hard to pick a favorite, especially with an Advan Porsche, a 787B, and a Le Mans winning Ford GT.  Plus a classic Corvette.  So I will just like them all.  But that has essentially been the case with all Car Culture.

Here is a look:

(Find Circuit Legends at Wheel Collectors)

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  1. Awesome car culture circuit legends car’s you got, you open up, and you reviewed congrats.👍 I’m on the hunt for all 5 of those.👍 They’re all my favorites.👍

  2. I’m having deja vu.

    What happened to the earlier post? You found them in the store, so I wouldn’t think Mattel would have a problem with posting about them.

  3. I opened my 787B after watching the video and learning about the softer plastic for the spoiler. It kind of comes back into shape, sort of. My bigger disappointment upon closer inspection is that the rear wheels are too small, smaller outside diameter than the front, and higher aspect tires to boot. The rear wheel wells have A Lot of space around the tire. I love the idea of the removable piece (I remember seeing the sneak peek on this blog!), and being able to see some “guts,” but the execution ultimately suffers. Simply the thickness of the paint at this scale makes it not really “tuck in” enough, sadly. The Advan 962, though, is bonkers, and the mismatched wheels are great. This 787B could have been just like it!!

  4. Now these are my type of Car Culture vehicles! I could collect Le Mans prototype racers all day! The Mazda is my fave, but the Porsche is looking pretty good in the Advan deco. I’m always a sucker for a Porsche release. I was a bit disinterested in yet another Ford GT at first (love the car, but we’ve gotten so many). But after seeing that this release finally gets as close as we’re going to get to the Ford Chip Ganassi Racing livery, it has become far more interesting.

    I agree the oversized rear wheel is a distraction on the Shelby, but I’m hoping it won’t be as bothersome in person.

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