Is it true Tomica Limited Vintage is taking on Ferrari? You bet it is.

I reserve the questionable language for truly significant events. So…

Holy shit Tomica Limited Vintage is doing Ferrari!

As reported by Dengeki Hobby Web, Tomica Limited Vintage has a display at the All Japan Model Hobby Show, and there they are unveiling early prototypes of several upcoming Ferraris. From an F40 with opening parts to a 365GT to several 512.

(Photo Credit: Dengeki Hobby Web)


It is quite extraordinary to see. I have had a lot of cars on my TLV Want List, but I never even considered Ferrari. TLV has done some Italian cars in the past, including Alfa Romero and Fiat, so there is precedence, but still. How crazy is this?

It looks like the parent company of Maisto has sublicensed Ferrari to Tomy, so this was obviously a possibility, but it is so exciting to see it happening. However they were able to make this happen, the result is the best 1/64 brand in the world is taking on Ferrari.

Slated for March 2019. Get on that TLV Train.

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  1. Oh yay, looks like the embargo came off. Shame about the comments–this announcement was well-received when it was posted last time. Why Tomica never got the license first thing baffles me, but it’s here and they’re making the most of it.

    If only the prices weren’t so expensive…

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