The second batch of Hot Wheels 50th Favorites is – and will be – hitting in droves. And the Kroger Exclusive is coming.

The new 50th Faves are all over Instagram, whether the finds have been from Target or Walmart.  VW Drag Bus, ’55 Bel Air Gasser, Dodge Li’l Red Express, ’69 Camaro, and the best of the bunch, the ’65 Ford Galaxie.

I am still looking for the full batch myself, although I did snag the Gulf Galaxie.  (Is that honestly the peg warmer?  Really?)  I will be able to fill in the others, whether I find them or snag them from Wheel Collectors.  But my eye will be out and about in search of the Kroger Exclusive:


Yes, the Kroger Exclusive, originally slated to be the Toys R Us Exclusive, is coming.  And yes, there will be enough to go around, so hopefully the early birds leave some for everyone.  Because it is a must have, especially sitting next to its pink counterpart:


I am sure the “Gasser overkill” argument will be made, but this pair is a beauty, and considering the Gasser looks good whether dressed conservatively or ready for a night at Studio 54, the more the merrier.

And that means we will usually see a few each year.  No mainline presence this year, but we have a 5-pack release, these two 50th, and Car Culture Drag Strip Demons coming.  In fact, just to whet the appetite:


Just get your Gasser on and enjoy it.  And let us know if you come across the Kroger.  It’s coming.


5 Replies to “The second batch of Hot Wheels 50th Favorites is – and will be – hitting in droves. And the Kroger Exclusive is coming.”

  1. Awesome 1955 Chevy bel air gassers you reviewed congrats.👍 I just got the pink one yesterday.👍 The Kroger exclusive one I won’t be able to get because I don’t have Kroger or any store’s related to Kroger. The only way I will be able to get one is if one of my friend’s gets me one online. Otherwise I won’t be able to get one. And I will be on the hunt for the dragstrip demon 1955 Chevy bel air gasser when that one comes out.👍

    1. I have an idea to get the Kroger if anyone can’t get it for you … If I want one, i’d be purchasing from Ebay or a number of companies online which sell diecast toy cars. DieCast Direct, the Toy Peddler, or any other of the hundreds of places are available to either trade or purchase diecasts. You always ask your parents to help you purchase online!

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