How about that Matchbox 2019 Toy Fair Porsche?

Matchbox dropped this on Instagram today:

That is the 2019 Toy Fair Porsche 911 Rally by Matchbox.  A bittersweet image to be sure.

Why bittersweet?  The sweet is easy.  That casting is fantastic.  We saw it previewed at the Gathering, and here is the first image of the Porsche complete.

Except we won’t see this one available to the general public.  That is the bitter part.  This is a promo model used by Mattel to promote the brand to retailers.  The next two weeks is the Mattel Toy Fair.  It may sound like a cool toy show, and it is, but it is closed to the public.  The Mattel Toy Fair is an event for retailers.  They fly into California, and Mattel pulls out all the stops to promote each toy line for 2019.  That includes Hot Wheels and Matchbox, and there are giveaways.

Hot Wheels’ is a Nissan GT-R, and Matchbox’s promo model is this Porsche.  We will see the Porsche in the mainline in 2019, but not in this livery.  Retail reps will go home with these, and if they want to throw their model up on ebay, then collectors will have a chance.  That is the way to get it.  And even with that secondary market price, it will probably be worth pursuing.  I have purchased a few, and never regretted it.

That being said, Matchbox is allowing me to do a full showcase on this model, and that will come soon.  For now, consider this another taste of what will be a tremendous 2019 from Matchbox.

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  1. Is our one and only exclusive asda going to promote for UK? Trade stands and all? Balloons ,posters ,stickers and 1p badges with 65 on them..! If you need Mattel UKs address , l@@k on a back of a hotwheels packet. ……nice Porsche tho.. ..

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