Finding – and showcasing – the fabulous Hot Wheels 50th Faves Batch B

Of course it’s the Pink Gasser.

Actually, it’s the Gulf Galaxie.

Nope, it’s the Li’l Red Express.

It’s the whole batch.  Batch B of the Hot Wheels 50th Faves is a step up from the first, with 5 beautiful models.  Those three I already mentioned, plus a clean Camaro and Zamac Drag Bus.  Favorites indeed.


I was stunned to find a full pegged case at Target today.  The Li’l Red Express only comes one per case so that is how to do it.  It will go fast.  But alas it was there, and I bought a set.  And now I’m featuring it:

8 Replies to “Finding – and showcasing – the fabulous Hot Wheels 50th Faves Batch B”

  1. Awesome hotwheels 50th anniversary favorites mix b you found, you open up, and you reviewed congrats.👍 I got 4 of these yesterday from one of my friend’s at the flea market.👍 The only one I’m still on the hunt for us the 1978 dodge lil red express pickup truck.👍

  2. I’m hoping they hit Publix stores as well since they managed to get in cardboard shippers full of the first batch during the summer! Then I’m guaranteed to find them with many to spare! I can’t wait for pretty much all of them! Of course no brainer my favorite is the pink Bel Air Gasser! Might have to get a few of those!

  3. Hopefully these will have distribution as heavy as the first batch…for once it seemed just about right for an in-demand collector-aimed series. I’ll pick up all but the Drag Bus…I never understood the obsession with that ‘roided up monstrosity.

  4. Not sure any stores around here will have the space on the pegs for these with the already full pegs overflowing with the Econoline Pickup. Not sure what it is that keeps anyone from buying it. Well, other than the fact that I haven’t bought one. It doesn’t fit in my collection and the wheels aren’t good enough to scavenge.
    I predict the same fate for the Galaxy.

    1. I’m surprised to find so many 50th Econolines, and 510 Wagons, actually, still on the pegs everywhere. Not as many Javelins. No Squarebacks or 55 Chevys, though. From Shop Trucks, still the red Econoline Pickups. I still see Gulf Transit Supervans sometimes. I can’t buy any more of any of them! I used to pick up an extra one here or there, but what will I do with 5 or 6 of each?? Anyone want to trade for an Air-Cooled Squareback?? Completely missed that one.

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