Preview: Some 2019 Matchbox New Models you didn’t see at the Gathering

I hope you have all enjoyed the Matchbox 2019 previews I’ve posted on the Lamley YouTube Channel.  They are fun to do, but a lot of work.

Not a lot of work for me, mind you.  Putting these together doesn’t take a ton of time.  It is a lot of work for the Matchbox Team.  Designer Abe Lugo and I, as we have done the last 3 years, get together for a couple of hours to film a bunch of footage for the previews.  What ends up being 15-20 minutes of content actually takes quite a bit of time to film.  Retakes, restarts, and whatnot.  As the expletive that mistakenly snuck into one of my first 2019 Preview videos – before I edited it out – it can be a tiring and frustrating process.  It sounds dumb, but we were exhausted afterwards.

And after all that, Abe goes on to preview it all at the Dinner Presentation.

Why do I bring this up?  Because it is really cool that Abe is willing to do this.  The weekend is already tiring for him, but he likes to keep collectors in on the process, and filming this videos is a way to do that.  He doesn’t have to do it, but he does.  I think that is pretty cool.   I have found that many folks at Mattel are like this, sharing info when they can, whether here on Lamley, on IG or FB, or elsewhere.  I don’t think they get enough credit for it, so I want to make sure I give them credit here.  These people are busy, there is a lot on their plate, a lot of pressure and deadlines, yet they still take time to do things like this.  We should all appreciate it, and I hope we do.

Nonetheless, while filming these videos, Abe took a few early 3D Prints he didn’t have planned to be part of the presentation, and told me to film some quick clips of each of them on the turntable.  So I did.  No explanation, no background, just the video.  So here they are.

These will show up in various lines throughout 2019.  Some mainline, some Basic Plus, or Premium.  You will see some new vehicles, as well as some throwback models from the past.  Enjoy:

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  1. Very nice! Hopefully the Tesla Model X doesn’t have a completely clear falcon wing door otherwise it’ll look a little funky. Also, I thought the Blue Shark was an existing casting. I remember the 2005 Matchbox Superfast version in the same color. And another thing, wasn’t Matchbox slated to make the JK generation Jeep Wrangler? I know they’re making the JL Wrangler next year but I thought I remember seeing a sneak at the last generation Wrangler at last years Gathering?

    1. The Blue Shark is a re-do of an original from 1971 through 77. I dont recall the company revisiting that casting in the following years.
      clear panels on the Tesla will be colored like the other castings with similar moving pieces connected to the window pieces ie the BMW .
      There are a few Jeep castings due. The Jeepster looks fun.

  2. The Jeepster is probably the one I’m most excited about. I hope that comes to the mainline or the 5-packs.

    Also, was that the return of the old Porsche Turbo? The combination of opening doors and trailer hitch doesn’t seem like it would happen today otherwise.

  3. These are always great my favorite feature on Lamley. Thanks to Abe and a special thanks to you for making it happen. Just a suggestion but maybe next time you can approach the subject of distribution. Not being smart just a request.

    1. Probably should have waited to post until I watched the video. I’ll tell you these are great. Stock Chevy is going to be a great addition. Could not believe they still have brand new Super Fast wheels laying around. Forget the name of that model but one of my favs as a kid. The Jeep is great as is the Challenger. That Porshe will be a hard to find. The others I’m going to hold my opinion until I see the finished product.
      Really like to see an updated Tahoe police at some point! That Tahoe from the early 2000s was iconic. Think every police department across the country had them. Just as iconic as the Explorer is now!

  4. Thank you for the previews, I like how the brand is heading. Opening parts and nods to past castings…2019 looks to be a good year . ….Basic plus is price set at 2usd. Is the Row going to be in that same price plan? Are these going out to Row? Everything set USA straight out. Row just wonders are they ? Aren’t they? How much ? Mattel???????? We need answers too?! Distribution?!?! Total BS!!!….do they want to advertise these their selves? Or the brand as a whole?…UK seems to lose out….worsening every year…. We pay too much as it is for old pegsh*t. …one main authorized main stockist……who’s priority on baked beans being stocked. Joke compleat joke…….2019!……..

  5. Wow some cool releases there, great to see some classic castings reappearing, hoping the 911 will at some point have the ultra ’80’s ‘Boss’ livery…

  6. I may have to take back what I said about the Rally Porsche in another post. This may just make up for it. I could do without the hitch and still consider it an homage to the old MB3. The rest look pretty good too.

    If they are going retro bring back the 8 dot wheels. They worked so well on many models.

  7. Can’t wait for the tesla model x I am glad it has opening doors I just hope they do it in the tesla dark grey and I think the should do a nissan x trail 2018 in dark green

  8. Can’t believe no one called attention to the Renault Trezor concept with that sleek 1-piece opening roof/hood. What a stunner! I for one am greatly looking forward to the Trezor, as well as the Porsche 911 Turbo and Nissan 280ZX.

  9. I know I’ve said this a few times, but I am not finding anything new in the Matchbox line in Walmarts or Targets on the East Coast…PA, VA, MA all the same..and Target is barely carrying it anymore it seems. HW is going ok but they still have the 50th anniversary packs from months ago. the Jeep series is about the only one for MB in Lynchburg VA area Walmarts. I checked one on my trip to southeastern MA last week and same story

    Any ideas?

    Good news: Hobby Lobby is coming to Lynchburg so we’ll see some Greenlight again since TRU is gone.

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