Hot Wheels Team Transport and 50th Favorites are hitting US Targets

This is how it works.

A friend of mine heard from a friend of his that Targets were getting the 50th Favorites – aka that set with the blue 510 Wagon.  So he went looking at a nearby Target.  No 50th, but he came across these:

Even better!  Team Transport has hit retail!  He bought a set, and called me.  Well of course I was curious, so I went to a Target.  And:


That’s how I found them.  Considering a case of 4, someone fancied the Laurel set and the extra Porsche/VW set, and left these.  I decided to pick up the Skyline set, and since there was no tag on the pegs, learned each set was $12.99 when I checked out.

So go get them.  I am sure they will be hitting all over as Target does its fall reset.

And about that 50th Favorites set?  My lucky friend hit another Target, and yep.


He’s on a roll.  Keep looking.

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  1. Awesome finds congrats.👍 I went to my target yesterday and they didn’t have these out yet. So I will check another target next week for these.👍

  2. My local Targets are finally getting the Shop Trucks and some are still putting our Japan 2 cars

    Hope these are not too far behind

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