A look at all four (or five) Matchbox Sapphire Gem Chase Models

So I filmed this video, and afterwards learned that these are now all slated for US Target stores.  So there’s that.

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  1. I say it before anyone else, most Target store’s stocking of Matchbox is pathetic. 2 pegs of mainlines and MAYBE a peg of 5 packs. I’ll still check every time I’m there though, or save the gas and buy the Golf on Ebay.

    1. I agree! Target??!!! why not sears or better yet a montgomery wards. Seriously?? I haven’t seen anything in any of the target stores in the Denver metro area since the Jurassic set came out. nothing in the main line. Can we just bray duuuh on this one in unison maybe they’ll hear us.

  2. Anything else for UK and Row?!?! These are scalpers bait. Why not just do a presentation set?
    Why piss arse about at different shops??! Wtf…

  3. Zorba is correct. At that rate it will take eons to see a sapphire. Maybe around the 70th anniversary.

  4. I’m sorry to say this but these don’t interest me at all . Same as any HW 50th logo stuff . I like them clean .

  5. At Target what a joke I have 1 local Target and they put out 1 box about every 4 months.
    Next you’ll tell me I can get them from Wheels collectors for what about $20.00-$30.00
    for a $1.00 car

  6. Found 2 of the Golfs at a local Target on creased cards. I opened one and noticed the chainsaw and toolbox in the back. Left the other one carded since the card was slightly less creased so it’s hard to see what’s in the back but it is definitely something different. Guess there are interior variations on these as well.

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