Hot Wheels Mystery Models Series 3 has a surprising amount of gems

I like the Mystery Models.  Not necessarily because of the Mystery aspect, because that is easily solvable, but more because it just means the possibility of additional releases of castings I like.

But that means there has to be castings I like.  Hot Wheels is doing something different, and most welcome, with the Mystery Models this year.  They have a theme.  Series 1 was racing, Series 2 is some sort of space alien thing, and Series 3 is beach bumming.  Series 1 ended up having 2-3 models I wanted to add to the collection, and Series 2 was a full shutout.  Not a one licensed casting.  Series 3 has one no-brainer and a few to consider.  The no-brainer is easy.  It’s the Datsun 510 Wagon.  I collect them all, no matter what the deco.  But here is the thing.  The deco on the 510 is fantastic.  Truly one of the best releases of the Wagon so far.  In fact I might go as far as to say the Mystery Model might fall behind only the Boulevard and Super TH in terms of best releases.  It is that good.

But you can see for yourself.  Series 3 has hit Canada and other areas around the world, and will hit the US soon.  In order to get a preview up, I was able to work a deal with a truly cool dude, @nitrous_diecast on Instagram, and he sent me a whole set, along with the box.

So do two things.  One, watch the video.  Two, follow @nitrous_diecast.  Then tell me what you think.


3 Replies to “Hot Wheels Mystery Models Series 3 has a surprising amount of gems”

  1. Awesome mystery model’s you open up and reviewed congrats.👍 I will be on the hunt for all 12 of those.👍

  2. I’m caught up on series 1 & 2, but i’ve seen 2-4 boxes of series 2 sitting on a lot on WM shelves that I check. Gonna be awhile before series 3 hits those shelves.

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