Case Report: Hot Wheels 2018 N Case

It must be the end of the quarter.  Mattel seems to send a lot to hobby dealers at the end of the quarter, so it was no surprise when Wheel Collectors got both the Team Transport cases AND the 2018 International N Cases.

I think we looked at the M case a week ago?  So this was fast.  But so be it.

As always, the gang at Wheel Collectors picked a case at random to feature for us, and opened it 3-by-3.  And also as always, the models are available at their store:

Hot Wheels 2018 N Case models at Wheel Collectors

Some cool debuts in the case, so check it out in both video and photo form:

Did you notice anything?

Yeah, no Super, but that isn’t a surprise.  It is supposed to be the ’70 Escort.  But no basic Escort either.  I assume later cases will have it, but we won’t know until we see them.

I will have an unboxing soon.

10 Replies to “Case Report: Hot Wheels 2018 N Case”

  1. Definitely a much nicer batch than the last. Lots of nice recolors and new castings to look for like the ’19 Chevy Silverado, the Despicable Me Grumobile, the ’55 Chevy in grey, the ’49 Ford F1 in purple, and the ’17 Camaro ZL1 in black. I really like the Plum Crazy Purple Charger Hellcat! That’s the best color on any Mopar! Also the HW Racing Plymouth Road Runner with the new wheels looks pretty sweet!

  2. A little bit of everything for everybody to like in this batch, some especially nice trucks. I like this format of video which shows me everything I wanted to see in 2 minutes. Well done!

  3. Found this case 2 weeks ago, but only half of it. No Porsches, Mercedes, Dodge D100 or Barbie Corvette but did get the RS6 and Silverado (both are stellar models).

    I’ve never found a new case so early (I didn’t even know it was N case until I checked online. I thought it was M case). Although no Super, still pretty happy with what I found.

  4. Those new N case hotwheels coming out are all awesome. I will be on the hunt for all of those and I can’t wait to add all of those to my hotwheels collection.👍

  5. Haven’t we seen enough of that damn “Dare Devils” Chevelle wagon? One of my favorite castings, but that deco is a waste.

    There’s some nice stuff here though. I’m wondering if I’ll be able to find any version of the RS6…that one seems to be the hot topic. The Barbie vette is an amusing curve-ball of a deco…might have to pick one up just for the novelty of it.

  6. Not a bad case, though not as much goodness as the last case. Some much appreciated 2nd chances at cars from the M case that were impossible to find: Porsche 917 LH (must have!) and Lamborghini Huracan. A few nice recolors: Porsche Panamera Police, Porsche 918 Spyder and Austin Mini. Finally, the DeLorean (recolor or revised casting?) and Grumobile (so cool, but do I need it?). A few honorable mentions that are neat, but ultimately may not make it home with me; Barbie Corvette, VW T2, TV Batmobile (not sure how I feel about the baby blue graphics) and Camaro SS.

    Yes, I am a month late commenting here! I’m starting to loose interest. It has been a real struggle to find each wave and when I do it is often just scraps. There is still no sign of this N case as we go into August. That is how bad distribution has been in my area.

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