Hot Wheels 50th Favorites is now available at Wheel Collectors

Time for a heads up.  Wheel Collectors just got a pallet of Hot Wheels 50th Favorites.  They have been out in other countries for awhile, and the set had a brief flirt with a handful of Toys R Us stores a few months ago, but now they are here:

Hot Wheels 50th Favorites at Wheel Collectors


The set has been super popular wherever it hits, so jump at it.

Hot Wheels 50th Favorites at Wheel Collectors

In case you need a refresher:

The cases come 10 to a box, but some models come as singles, some as triples, and one as a double.  That means sets are difficult to put together, so if you want one, jump at it.

Wheel Collectors is also offering deals on the yet-to-be-released-in-the-US Gran Turismo 8-car set:

Hot Wheels Gran Turismo at Wheel Collectors

As well as Car Culture Euro Speed at Walmart like pricing:

Hot Wheels Car Culture Euro Speed at Wheel Collectors

It is a good time to grab the sets you want.  More refreshers below:

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