The Hot Wheels HWC Special Edition Datsun 240Z finally goes on sale 6/12, a day after the Custom 240Z RLC Window opens. What a week.

Another heads up for you RLC members.  The long-awaited, and much-talked-about, Hot Wheels HWC Special Edition Datsun 240Z goes on sale this coming Tuesday.

The RLC 24-hour window opens at 9am Pacific on Tuesday, June 12th.  $19.99 each with a limit of two per account.  If there are any left after the window closes, any HWC member can buy one.  But we know how that goes.  Just be happy you are an RLC member.

But that isn’t all.  On Monday, June 11th, on what has to be unofficially dubbed “240Z Week”, the window opens for RLC members to reserve the sELECTIONS ’72 Custom 240Z. RLC Members voted, and essentially approved the design, for the Custom Z, and now it is time to reserve them.  The model has to yet to be made, and the number reserved will determine the number made, so order as many as you want.  The window closes 6/17.

So don’t fret about missing out on the Custom.  Just make sure you order while the 6-day window is open.  The other 240Z?  Be ready.  It’s gonna be a frenzy.

I’ll do a preview video on the HWC Special Edition this weekend.  Video and photos.


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