Lamley Daily (TLV Week Edition): Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16V

#lamleydaily #tlvweek – May 16, 2018


Model: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16V

Where to get it: Japan Booster lists them often.

Another surprising choice from TLV a couple of years ago, and a model that I love to show collectors who are new to the brand.  TLV does surprise.  Being used to replicas of the most basic cars, it was a treat to see the Delta Integrale 16V tackled.  Street car for sure, with rally guts.

TLV has done four Delta Integrale, two of them are the 16V (you can tell by the hood).  The other two don’t sport the 16 valve engine, hence to raised hood.  But equally cool:


And this is what makes TLV so great.  A Cedric today, a Delta tomorrow, with a mainstream 510 in between.  And all tremendous castings.  The RX-7 is coming, and the excitement for it is real.  But that could be any brand.  We just know it is going to be a cool casting.  But the true joy in TLV is for the models you don’t expect, or know nothing about.  Europeans know what the Delta is, and were beside themselves with excitement when it was announced.  But there are many others elsewhere not familiar with the Delta Integrale.  If they are TLV collectors they are.



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