Showcase: Hot Wheels 50th Favorites Mix A

After toiling around several countries overseas, the Hot Wheels 50th Favorites set is on its way to the US.  Mix A will be in stores everywhere soon, and here is a look:

7 Replies to “Showcase: Hot Wheels 50th Favorites Mix A”

  1. The Squareback and the Javelin are the picks of the bunch for me. I think the Bel Air is the only one I’m not interested in. Now it’s just a matter of finding them all.

  2. These look to be premium models in the $5.50 (U.S) range. With the shape of the packaging, I’m curious, will these be filling the Car Culture pegs this summer or will they get their own dedicated peg(s) in stores?

  3. The Volkswagen is my favorite of the bunch, but the Bluebird and Javelin are nice too. But at this price, I’ll have to be selective. Maybe just the VW.

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