TLV Week: Tomica Limited Vintage’s obsession with 1/64 scale

Welcome to TLV Week!

With Tomica Limited Vintage unveiling the Mazda RX-7, which is coming in September, I get the feeling that many collectors will be jumping into the TLV pool for the first time.  So, in preparation, I am dedicating this week to TLV features.  I will still do other features from other brands, but look for a Lamley Daily TLV photo showcases every day, along with a smattering of videos.

As always, my TLV come from Japan Booster, and I highly suggest you check them out, especially since they will ship anywhere in the world for free on purchases of $50 or more:

TLV at Japan Booster

And we start with one of many amazing attributes of Tomica Limited Vintage: it’s dedication to 1/64 scale.  From the tiny to massive, TLV makes sure that every model is exactly to scale, and here is a look.  Enjoy:

2 Replies to “TLV Week: Tomica Limited Vintage’s obsession with 1/64 scale”

  1. Out of sheer curiosity, can you put the Basic Tomica version of the Ford GT in the big car hauler? The box and base of the car say exact 1:64, so I wanna see it lined up against TLV models like an EK9 Civic or R35 GT-R or suchlike.

  2. I have my S600 displayed i such a way that it is right next to a Toyota Crown from the 1950s. The size difference is startling – to the point of me never wanting to get behind the wheel of an S600 on the road.

    I think I bought my first TLV on eBay a few years ago because I wanted a Nissan IDx (so sad). I didn’t really start collecting them en mass until my first trip to Japan. The prices of the new ones are fairly comparable to what we pay here before shipping. Maybe a little lower unless you buy them at a Tomica Shop. But the second hand market in Japan is (or was) fantastic. I got a few for as little as 300 yen (less than $3). The average price I paid for TLV there (again, outside the Tomica Shop) was about $10.

    I don’t have a Land Cruiser but I have a Nissan Safari which is approximately the same size. I was a bit shocked at how light it is. Since it has a plastic base it seems fairly insubstantial, especially compared to some smaller models. Is it the same with the Land Cruiser?

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