TLV Week here at Lamley begins with the May release available at Japan Booster

Tomica Limited Vintage Week begins today, and it starts with the brand new May Release.

I will be featuring some of my favorite TLV castings this week, and I have some videos planned as well.  It will end next weekend with features on the May release, which is on its way from Japan Booster now.

But you shouldn’t wait on the feature, because you can get the models now.  And they are fantastic.  The Nissan Skyline R34 Sedan, the underrated Isuza Bellet GT-R, and the mind-blowing Hino Wing Roof Trailer.  And they are out now at Japan Booster:

TLV at Japan Booster

None of these will disappoint, but I will give you a hint on the Hino.  These TLV Hino trucks are insanely cool, just ask anyone who has sprung for one.  They aren’t cheap to begin with, but they get super expensive super quick, as the supply dries up.  I promise you, if you are thinking about it, now is the time to pounce.

Or you can wait.  TLV is a brand that is so fun to collect, and I want to show some that this week, especially following the much-discussed unveiling of the RX-7 coming in the fall.  There will be a lot of folks jumping into the TLV world at that point.  You might as well get a head start and discover it like so many of us have.


2 Replies to “TLV Week here at Lamley begins with the May release available at Japan Booster”

  1. It will be interesting to know if the Hino box trailer is plastic or metal. For the price I do hope it’s metal or it will be fragile.

  2. Probably too late for anyone to see this, but here we go. The entire trailer, sadly, appears to be plastic. I was hoping that at least the bed would be metal, but no such luck. For the cost of this model, there should be an abundance of metal. Shame on you, TLV.

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