Tomica Limited Vintage unveils its next collectors gateway drug, the Mazda FD3S RX-7. (Maybe its time for a TLV Week.)

Tomica Limited Vintage this week dropped the news that became the talk of the 1/64 world: They were applying their obsession for realism, detail, and scale to the FD3S RX-7, and the results are stunning.

The two above will hit in September, with a third, in red, hitting in October.  And they will undoubtedly be on a lot of want lists.

Every year TLV releases a gateway model, something that brings in new collectors.  The RX-7 is that model this year.  Many of you will finally bite, buying an example from Japan Booster or elsewhere, finally deciding the pay the price you thought had always been too much.  Then it arrives.  You are blown away not only by its realistic looks, but its incredible realism.  Against your better judgement, you jump back onto Lamley and ebay and elsewhere just to casually see what other models TLV has done.  You know you shouldn’t, but you do.  “Maybe I should order one more, just to give the RX-7 a companion model” you say.  Yada yada yada you’re hooked.

(All the TLV collectors are reading that last paragraph and nodding.  Join the club, they say.)

So I am going to make it easy.  Despite its high prices, Tomica Limited Vintage is totally worth collecting.  Maybe not every model, but those you like.  It is a different experience than collecting brands like Hot Wheels.  You can surely do both.

And to help you, I am dedicating Lamley to TLV next week.  There will still be features from other brands, but each day I will feature a favorite TLV model as part of my Lamley Daily series.  And I will put up a couple of videos as well.

Hopefully it gives many of you a better idea of what Tomica Limited Vintage is all about.  And when the surge hits this fall, you can be ready, and brag to your friends that you were already into TLV before the RX-7.

And I am doing this without mentioning the Tomicarama being released at the same time.  More on that later.  Just be ready to get your TLV on.


5 Replies to “Tomica Limited Vintage unveils its next collectors gateway drug, the Mazda FD3S RX-7. (Maybe its time for a TLV Week.)”

  1. I’ve managed to amass about 115 TLV models and I have been eagerly awaiting the 1990s NEOs. We got a taste with the Skyline sedans and most recently the EK Civics. But once they start putting out big hitters like the FD and Supra people will no longer be able to resist. If they use the same models from the Premium line, it won’t even be a question.
    I have Bayside Motors, but I doubt I’ll be able to pass up a retail priced Tomicarama.
    Now to figure out where to put it all…

  2. That Mazda may look great but if I were someone wanting to test the water that will not be my gateway model as it is not my cup of tea but the tomicarama is a different story however.

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