Showcase: Hot Wheels Car Culture Euro Speed

It will hit Targets officially on May 19th (some have already pegged them), and it has been found at Walmart as well.  And that isn’t accounting for all the finds in other countries as well.  Needless to say, the next release from Hot Wheels Car Culture, Euro Speed, is out.  And here is a look:

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  1. Car Culture just seems to get better and better. I raided a case of Cargo Carriers before they were pegged, but even if I hadn’t I would have been able to get them all, as they seem to have been pretty heavily distributed. That was true of the batch or two before Cargo Carriers too, so I’m hoping that trend continues with Euro Speed, as I really really want to get all of these, and not have to order any.

    On a mostly unrelated note, one of my local 7-Eleven stores just put up a shipper with the black & gold 50th anniversary series. in case anyone is still looking for those, it might be worth hitting a couple 7-Elevens

  2. I’m not excited for this release as I was for the Japan Historics (especially at $5.49), but will likely end up picking up a set nonetheless. This time the BMW M1 and Alfa Romeo look the best to me.

  3. Ever get the feeling you’ve seen a series of peg cloggers that may choke out a series? Kind of got that feeling when I saw this release of the Car Culture line. I’m thinking that the social media crazed sellers may clear them from the pegs in the first wave. But when those second and third waves keep coming there won’t be secondary market willing to pay like the JH had, and somewhat the CH release. Even the Haulers release are starting to see a dramatic downturn in “value”, especially with the Walgreens shippers dumping tons of T1s and Skylines into the market. I’ve seen several posts where people are dumping at cost already. If they produced this Euro line in the amount the Haulers were (as they most undoubtedly did) well, it will be interesting to see how long the pegs are clogged.

    I may be wrong, but none of these are going to inspire people to pay double to triple the $6 retail cost (after taxes).

    They may have had a shot to sell to be wheel donors if they were still $3.50 but at nearly double the cost…eh…

    I’m just hoping that we get to those dual casting Haulers soon!

    1. And don’t get me wrong, I love the line. They look really cool with the details and all but I’m being realistic.

      However, I just can’t appreciate those new “modern concave” RRs, lace wheels with a rubber band….yuck!!!

    2. You’re saying what everybody already knows bruh Only JH series command higher value. I assume CC is what you meant as CH? There is no Cargo Haulers. Those Cargo Carriers are flooded to begin with, unlike JH which only appear on selected areas..

  4. Nothing for me on this one.
    Still waiting for a clean stock version of the Giulia.
    First releases of the Giulia and Merc are still the best.
    Money saved for the next exciting series !

  5. I predict the Alfa will be the peg warmer. That green! The Audi would be more appealing in different colors. Otherwise, and excellent casting.

  6. I will get this set just because I have the rest. I have to say I normally love the card art on these car culture sets but feel that on this one they really dropped the ball.

  7. 2nd time for the Mercedes 190E. Really cool casting & i’ll probably pick it up anyhow.
    As far as candidates from PC2 is concerned.. the “Red Pig” 1971 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.8 AMG.. that would be an awesome creation into the HW’s family.

  8. Definitely not getting that “Ooh, new and exciting” vibe from this set. The quality seems to be there. But the redundancy in the model choices deflates my interest.

    The green of the Alfa is actually my favorite thing about the set.

  9. Was lucky enough to find the entire set by accident at Walmart. Very cool set. The details on the alfa are awesome.

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