A great nomination for “Loser Collector of the Year” award?

A friend and Lamley Reader sent this pic over of this Car Meet 5-pack he came across at his local Target:


If you are wondering what you are looking at, here is a pic of pack as it should be:


Yep, someone bought the pack, took it home, switched the Gasser, and returned it back to the store.  Whoever you are, that’s an epic level of pathetic.  The pack is $5.  $5!  The total opportunity cost of the $1 model you switched in, gas to and from the store, effort to keep the pack presentable for return, and living with yourself afterwards totally exceeds the $5 cost.  So, you were dishonest and you flunked economics.  Congrats?

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  1. Yup, that’s the kind of guy living by himself or mom’s basement having himself a gift for his 50th birthday.

  2. Briljant! Let’s add 2 new categories to the Lamley awards: Loser of the year and Collector of the year (for a collector that just did something cool and to inspire others).

  3. This guy’s right up there with the guy who bought up every Skyline wagon from an entire bin full of Cargo Carriers.

  4. This is a depressingly common phenomenon, I see it all the time. I am in no way defending this slime-ball, but he did a better job than some people do…at least he put the same casting back in. Some people throw in heavily used vehicles, or even cheap no-brand vehicles when they pillage a 5-pack. Regardless, this is disgusting.

  5. I have to admit, I was so focused on that BMW that I thought that was the one that was messed with. Even after you said gasser, I had to do a double take to see it was different. Anyway, bad form!

    On a similar note, I saw a multipack at the store last week that had most of its contents replaced with used scratched up models. How that got past the returns desk I’ll never know.

    1. You realize how much crap comes across returns desk. They could care less what car is in the pack, just as long as they get you your money back and on to the next.

  6. This is not as bad a waste of time as a coupon clipper, who not costs themselves time way out of proportion to their return, they screw you up if you are behind them in line and make it so complicated the cashier needs help from management.

  7. This is a constant problem with no end in sight. Stores are oblivious to what is happening, so there is no accountability. It’s a shame with this and all the real rider thiefs out here.

  8. Your friend must live by me in Tomball/Magnolia Texas as I have come across several of these loser swaps over the last year. Last one I found was clearly a Hot Wheels Corvette inside an M2 acrylic case, not once but TWICE, the other Corvette was inserted into the M2 hauler package. I studied the “tamper proof” decals on the latest car and found that they must have been peeled very carefully or frozen or the like as I couldn’t tell it had been messed with other than the obvious casting wasn’t the right one. This guy could do all of us a favor and just start donating his crap to the salvation army bin or the local goodwill, what a jakcass

  9. I guess this could also fall under the heading of “if there is a hype, I must capitalize on it” kinda thing.

  10. The real gasser in this 5 pack is very sweet…actually nicer than the soon to be released Amazon 5 pack gasser, which BTW is now out of stock on Amazon.

  11. How sad a life this individual must have, you have to feel sorry for them in some way because they really need psychiatric assistance.

  12. Pay the $5, sell the others for $1.50 each on eBay then you wouldn’t be perceived as a pathetic moron, and you could sleep at night !

  13. People are fuckers… Stoked to find this one today, but did a once over to make sure one of our local methhead SoCal scalpers hadn’t got to it first- I grabbed the Car Culture ’70 Challenger without checking it out, and a douchebag had removed the wheels and brought it back with some shit wheels, what’s the point? I guess his time is worth about 1$ an hour to go through the trouble…

  14. I’ve seen this type thing happen alot!!! Saw a 5-pack that was returned that contained plastic cars that look like they came from Dollar Tree – like you said though it’s a $5 pack of cars & the cost this person brought upon himself or herself is far more than $5!!!!!

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