A Tale of Two: The Hot Wheels 2017 Ford GT paired with Matchbox’s 2005.

I’ve done this before, but this time it is even better.

When Hot Wheels released its Ford GT in grey last year, I was instantly reminded of one of my favorite Matchbox models, the Superfast ROW Ford GT released in 2006.  So I took some pictures:


But this one makes even more sense.  The 2018 recolor of the Hot Wheels Ford GT comes in simple red with white stripes, and it is perfect homage to the 2005 Ford GT.


And I am not just talking about the Matchbox release.  I am talking about the 2005 Ford GT in general.  We can’t forget the middle child.


With as much deserved fanfare as the 2017 Ford GT has gotten, and the car is a sight to behold, we should never forget the buzz the 2005 generated as well.  Ford bringing the Ford GT back after all these years was such a pleasant surprise, and the car did not disappoint.  So many design cues harkening back to the original GT40, but all with modern touches.  And Matchbox did a perfect replica.


Then the GT went to bed again, only to reawaken in 2017 as a modern marvel.  An homage to its predecessors in spirit, but in a completely new direction.


Ford rolled out the new GT, and showed it to the world, dressed in its new performance paint Liquid Blue, and of course Hot Wheels followed suit.  That is how many of us now identify the Ford GT, in blue.  Just like Gulf colors for the GT40 and yes, red with white stripes for the 2005.

We haven’t seen Hot Wheels do a Gulf version of the new GT, but this new red version most surely hearkens back to the 2005, and they look beautiful together.  A modern classic pair.


3 Replies to “A Tale of Two: The Hot Wheels 2017 Ford GT paired with Matchbox’s 2005.”

  1. Why they never color-matched the old release still baffles me, but thus red looks damn fine.

    I still maintain that the Tomica Regular version is the best replica of the 2017 GT, but this release redeems the HW car.

    (Also, that particular MBX wheel looks so good and must be used more often. I wanna see HW do something similar for their mainline, repping the Motegi MR130 wheels, among other Y-spoke/basket-weave designs.)

  2. Is it a coincidence that you posted this article EXACTLY one year after the grey ’17 GT vs ’05 GT?

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