Case Report: Matchbox 2018 F Case

Matchbox keeps plugging along.

Right on the heels of the E Case comes the F Case, and this one is a good one.  Wheel Collectors got their shipment today, and as always grabbed a case and opened it 3-by-3.

The models are listed at the Wheel Collectors store now.

Let me know your faves.  And can you guess mine?


15 Replies to “Case Report: Matchbox 2018 F Case”

  1. Wow, a decent case! Three CX-5s! I’ll take it! Plus two Cadillac Escalades and Mercedes GLE Coupe carryovers! Lots of S.U.V.’s in this one, which only makes sense considering they’re the second best selling vehicle in America. The Datsun 510 Rallye is a nice colorful addition and even the Oshkosh M-ATV is pretty nice! Hope to find them!

  2. The graphics on the side of the MBX Ambulance makes it look like a toy for a toddler and the ARV looks unfinished. The rest of the case – Rumble Raider aside – is excellent and I’d buy them all if they actually stocked them in Thailand.

    1. Over here many ambulance services include “EKG” readout graphics on their broad sides. Maybe not so colorful, but to me it is realistic enough for a generic “Matchbox Original” casting. In my opinion, the casting itself renders it toward the ‘toddler’ end of the spectrum…but I’ll still collect it because it fits my collection’s “emergency vehicle” theme. AS for the scarcity of the brand in Thailand, I feel for you…hope you can find them somewhere without having to pay high/premium prices often found online. REally weird that they are MADE in Thailand, but you can’t buy them there….SAD.

      As for me, that Subie and most of the models will come home with me when I see them. Didn’t see any on my ’rounds’ yesterday. Already have about half the models shown in the unboxing photos….since they are apparently ‘carryovers’ from Case/Batch E….but the new castings and the new decos look worthy of my overflowing non-emergency vehicle collection segment.

  3. Excellent case even the Ambulance which looks like a re tool of a previous generic Ambulance. Everything is great in this case not one exception!

  4. I found the Mercedes GLE today, but that was the only one. That Datsun 510 Rally is super cool! I’ll definitely be wanting one of those. The International is very intriguing. This is outside of my normal collecting genre, but I might just have to pick it up if I see it. I’ll also likely get the Mazda CX-5 and Golf Country, though I prefer the Montana Green of the original.

  5. There is no stors that sell them where I live in the UK so I have to by them online but the prices are expensive at the moment unfortunately but I am loving the mazda cx 5, mercedes gle and cadillac escalade.

    1. Asda Foodmarket has batch E. It’s a one box per 250,000, scenario. Good luck! Where was a, b, c?! We started on D in mid April. As ever a piss poor show for UK. HAPPY 65th!!!

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