Time to head to Walgreens: Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary shippers are hitting.

Just a heads up to start checking Walgreens.  Most – or all – are getting special Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary standalone displays, with a variety of products.


I wandered into a Walgreens and asked about it, and a very nice employee told me she just got one and would open it for me.  And she did.

One side holds basics, Monster Jan, and 9-packs, and the other side Entertainment Forza, 50th Black & Gold, some Looney Toons themed models, and Car Culture Cargo Carriers.


Lots of cool stuff to be sure.  She also found another case of Hot Wheels near the display, and opened it to unveil these:


Even more.  Trucks hitting this week seem to have these, so be ready.

And also, it was pointed out to me, if you want to ask an employee if they have the set in the back, thank them by telling them you will fill out a customer survey when you check out.  And then of course, fill it out.  That means a lot to the store managers, and is clearly something they appreciate.  Plus, leaving a nice comment is the least we can do for someone nice enough to pull product from the back for us.  That is going above and beyond.

(One other thing, that was pointed out to me, is that some folks have been buying the Car Culture for $1, taking advantage of clerks who aren’t sure of the new price.  Let me just ask, is that cool?  I don’t think it is.  That just gives us a bad name, and you and I know Car Culture is not $1.)

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  1. Tricking unknowing employees into charging $1 for Car Culture is most definitely NOT cool, and is borderline theft, if not outright theft. I know there’s a dark dingy corner of our collecting world that’s filled with miserable shits like that who will do anything to get their grubby little fingers on whatever they want, via whatever means necessary, but they disgust me.

    These shippers are neat. I never think to check Walgreens, so the heads-up is nice. I’m already caught up on most of what seems to be in these shippers, as I was lucky enough to snag Cargo Carriers already, but I have yet to see ANY of the black & gold series anywhere.

      1. Kmart has gone extinct in my area, but I’ll have to check out your other two suggestions. I didn’t even know Gamestop stocked diecast.

      2. No Dollar Generals near me and the one remaining Kmart is too far to bother with. I did however discover recently that Dollar Tree has a nice size selection of Hot Wheels. Strangely, on my last visit the section was taken over by other toys and not a single Hot Wheels was to be found, so I’m not sure what’s happening there.

    1. Ben, regarding GameStop below, I don’t got there very often, but I have seen a very limited selection of Hot Wheels there from time to time. Typically only 2-4, pegged on a waist-high island in front of the registers. I did see a Retro Entertainment R34 Skyline there once, so that’s something.

  2. whats really funny is the one I saw and told byy the store manager is that there not to be set until may19 as noted on the shipping label so once again look now or forget it by may19.

  3. Finally layed eyes on two black and gold in the wild, the Twin Mill and Bone Shaker and of all places, Dollar General!@!! Go figure that one out.

  4. I see one of those shippers has Forza Motorsports… have to make way for other new stuff though. Cool to see a nice selection of newer premium lines hitting WG’s!
    Time to hunt!

  5. Came across some this Walgreens display by accident yesterday. Already empty of Cargo Haulers but I have them. Only B&G was Twin Mill and the Bone Shaker which was the only one I want, would’ve sold the Camaro. Had 3 of the spectraflame Barracuda’s which I got one, $5.98.

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