Lamley Finds: Back-in-time 2003-2010 finds…this week.

The random find is the best find.  That can be a Super TH, a set you didn’t think was out, a car you didn’t know existed, a cool error or variation, or a back-in-time find.

I had the back-in-time variety this week.  A rural hardware store LOADED with models from 2003 to 2010.  And quite a few good ones.  I left most, but bought a few.  Here is the video:

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  1. Dang…!!! You was back in time bro.. You’re a time traveller… Could you lend me your time machine, so i’ll be there too… Whats a good hawl there…..Danggg!!!!

  2. Man, I would’ve been in heaven if I ran across that!! I would’ve picked up almost everything. And you said they’re a little more expensive than regular stores, but I paused the video and saw they’re priced at $1.69. That’s not bad at all considering what you’re getting! For example, most of those Ferraris are worth double that online, especially ones like that the Enzo Ferrari or GTO. Also the fact that they’re all 7-14 years old and chances are you will rarely run across those again, especially in that good of shape!

  3. Wowzers! I love when this kind of thing happens, though it’s been a while since It’s happened to me. My favorite incident happened about 6 months ago when I went into a Walmart and found a Matchbox Chevy El Camino that was released in 1999. It was the only old model hanging there, and it had a replacement adhesive bar-code over the original one, but otherwise it was in its correct, unopened and undamaged package.

  4. If you live anywhere in the Southeastern US or the Mid-Atlantic, you may be in luck. Variety Wholesale (Roses, Roses Express, Super Dollar, Bill’s Dollar, Treasure Mart, Value Mart, Bargain Town) has been stocking some older Hot Wheels for awhile. Give them a try.

  5. How the hell did they get these models? The oldest models I’ve ever found were never more than 6 years old. Even the oddest stores over here don’t have anything older than 2011-12.

  6. Can’t believe you left the green 2009 Ford Focus RS hanging…seem to remember that being incredibly hard to find…some very cool finds there though! WH Smith stores here in the UK used to be good for this kind of find…love that blue 308GTS hope hotwheels and Ferrari can sort something out soon…

  7. That is amazing! I would have been like a kid in a candy store. Would have been all over those Ferraris. Great find John!

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