New vs Old: Matchbox ’33 Ford Coupe

This is a good way of bringing back some of the old.  Or classic.  Or whatever.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I sense some really good vibes coming from the collector community when it comes to Matchbox.  Lots of exciting new models, new series, as well as better execution.  Among that has been a large rollout of updated models.

The Matchbox Team has gone back to resurrect some old faves, and updating them mainly to comply with the production and cost guidelines that Mattel has set.  And while that might mean less metal here or a detail removed there, for the most part these models have improved aesthetically.  Sure, the cost cutting has led to some frustration, but keep in mind that many of today’s tools allow for the models to look better proportioned with better detail.  And these retools also allow for some major personality improvements in the casting as well.

The new ’33 Ford Coupe is a great example.  The old ’33 Coupe has not seen the light for a very long time, and it frankly won’t ever again.  Matchbox hasn’t done a hot rod in a long time as well, so the Matchbox Team brought it back, but with very different – and much improved – looks.


The ’33 Ford will debut in the Dirty Mudders 5-pack, and it looks awesome.

You will like it even more when you compare it to the old ’33 Ford:


They share the same name, but that is about it.  We tend to get nostalgic for the older stuff, but in many cases the newer stuff, materials used aside, is better proportioned and detailed.  That is the case here.  Everything is better put together, and the style far more thought out.

I am sure there are a few of you that prefer the old one, but most of us will easily take the new over the old.  Of course the looks between the two are very different, but one is much better realized.

Your thoughts?


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  1. As far as detailing goes…this looks nice and yes there is more plastic involved.
    But lets be clear. The true Halcyon days of Matchbox wer the early Lesney years when aside from scale, the proportions were spot on exacting. Those early models could give Auto World and TLV a run for their money based on proportional design alone. Forget the lazer applied details on the newer brands. The grills on the 60s sedans were ~cast~ not printed.
    There are the old Matchbox…and there is the Vintage Matchbox by Lesney. Two distinct eras. And nothing MBX puts out now will ever match what they put out when they were still an English company.

  2. I really want to return to the Matchbox fold, but what have they done deserving my money? This model belongs in a Hotwheels blister pack, and for the love of all things, wipe that mud off your sides! I won’t mention the cheap-o swirly grey plastic used on the base, or the odd selection of wheels. I also won’t mention the weird placement of the Matchbox logo, which doesn’t need to be there. Don’s post is a fair reflection of my own opinion of the brand – Lesneys of the 1960s were fantastic models. The details were crisp, there was a lot of metal, and they were iconic with those beautiful picture boxes. So, here I am, all nostalgic. I don’t want to be, but that era of Matchbox quality must return if I was to ever consider them again. As long as Mattel owns the brand, it will never happen.

  3. On the contrary, the mud and mismatched wheels adds to the greatness of this model. It gives it the garge built feel which is what hot rodding is all about. And let’s not forget that race tracks from this cars era where all dirt.

    Great car. Loved the old one too. The stand alone grill and exposed headers, again, really gives it that hot rod look. Both are winners as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Hotwheels are far superior at go fast stripes ,hot rod motors and fantasy, this model to me is another pegwarmer in uk. Hotwheels is half the price than matchbox.leave this line to hotwheels. As above mentioned lovely 60s box art and quality, i agree. Some lovely models based on real and of which was flowing down our real roads! Its matchbox 65th it would have been nice to have had a boxset produced.

  5. This model is an improvement on the original. Looking at the comparison photos there is a good chance it is 1:64 scale, an important factor for me. I’m not interested in the larger scale models, as per the previous 33 coupe. As a hot rod the styling is authentic and traditional, the body proportions look right, but the front and rear ends are clunky. Perhaps that is to be expected in this price range. It’s not a fine scale model but it’s good enough for me to buy it. However I find it frustrating that it will debut in a 5 pack where there are 4 other cars I have no interest in whatsoever but I guess there will be a single release at a later date.

    It would be a great if Matchbox were to offer everyday British cars of the past. If Oxford Diecast can do it in 1:76 scale then surely Matchbox can do it in 1:64 scale – genuine 1:64 scale!

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