Here are all the Hot Wheels Avengers models, if you are into that kind of thing.

Art – cool, models – well, you know.  There is a chase too.  Hitting Walmart now with the J Case models.  Here is a look:

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  1. I understand there’s a market for these, but I don’t recall any of them that have not been so overproduced that they sit clogging up pegs for months upon months.

  2. Disgusting. At lease use generic castings that are more popular. The person at Wal-Mart that chose these models and the person at Hot Wheels that agreed to use these models for this set needs to be fired for causing more junk to clog up our landfills.

  3. You know… I go to a local WM and they STILL .. STILL have a healthy supply of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 HW’s CLOGGING ..CLOGGING valuable space.
    Mind you, the movie was released May 5th of 2017. It’s approximately a year, but they can’t stock enough Car Culture lines.. you know.. shit that REALLY sells.. inventory you have a hard time finding. I know a couple WM’s that have Star Trek Retro Ent. Starships still dead on the shelves.
    I don’t get it .. I don’t get it at all!!!

  4. The card art is quite nice, but yeah, the cars are pretty awful. I can see these as an easy $0.97 grab for a kid who just saw the movie or a devout Avengers fan, but they make far too many of these every time. And yes, they sit for months on end until the cards have worn down to nothing. I suppose the good news for me is that they have not shown up at my local Walmarts. Of course that doesn’t mean they won’t appear a month from now.

  5. Absolute pile of shit ! I agree with Tran’s comment above, who the fuck sanctions these and why do buyers take them, I’d send the lot back to Mattel or charge them for the floor space rental at the shops.

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