Who is going for the pink 510 today?

(UPDATE: Sale Postponed)

Hot Wheels is putting what is left of the Dallas RLC Party Pink Datsun 510 models up for sale at 9 AM Pacific today.  You have to be an RLC member to buy, and yes, it will sell out today.  There are not that many.

In case you need to be convinced:

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  1. If you consider that there was a quantity of 500 made, and that most probably at least 500 of them sold at the nationals, that means a log in of 4500 got the HWC website paralyzed. Definitely time to re-evaluate the servers… they should talk to Hillary, she might know how to handle those servers better… and hide them too…

  2. Another hour of my life wasted on Mattel’s f’d up website. I need to re-evaluate my priorities/hobby or Mattel needs to get their shit together.

    1. I tried to insert a small joke in the midst of the sale chaos, but I guess you are so into it that you don’t let yourself smile… what a shame..

  3. hi Lamley…i think its about time to tell your friends at Mattel take serious on their HWC server…..i dont sign up and pay RLC for this.

  4. Per the red ribbon across the top of the HWC website, “RLC Exclusive Collectors Nationals Datsun Bluebird 510 – Sale Postponed”.

    What does that mean?

  5. Good things comes to those who wait. The 510 is one of my Big favorites. I will wait & can wait for the re-offer. 👍🏾

  6. Oh man, I was so stoked when I finally realized they postponed it. My boss may want to call Mattel for a payback on all my time wasted at work today. Glad I have another shot

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