Showcase: 2018 Hot Wheels J Case Highlights

The J Case is hitting.  Look for it at Walmart with Zamacs or Avengers bins, and at Target as well.  Here are the models I think make the hunt worth it.  Enjoy:

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  1. I’m looking forward to most of these…I think I’ll pass on the F-150 (I only go for the stock decos of those) and the Mooneyes Camaro, as I just can’t stand that casting, classic livery or not. I’m a bit peeved about the Mercedes AMG GT, as I was never able to find the debut. Hopefully that changes this time around. I have to strongly disagree about the Cadillac looking better in black. That debut was really weak…the tampo on every example I saw was very muddy and just didn’t work well at all on top of the black paint. The red looks much more promising in my eyes.

    The 180SX and the REPU look to be the picks of the bunch for me. I can’t get enough of those new disc wheels!

  2. Per Ben, the 189SX and the REPU…i’ll never see them on the pegs though, so ebay yet again for me – $7-8 per car shipped.

  3. Your favorites are mine as well, with the exception of the Chevy truck, Kool Kombi and Mooneyes Camaro.

    I snagged the recolors of the Ford, Cadillac and Mercedes GT racers a few weeks ago on short cards. I love these castings, but prefer the original colors to these on all of them.

    The search for the white Advan 180SX and Yokohama REPU has been ongoing, but I am happy to report finally paid off last night. Love these two!

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