Unboxing: 2018 Matchbox D Case (with error)

The Matchbox D Case arrived from A&J Toys yesterday, and it’s definitely a good one.  Loaded with all kinds of nice models, most notably the Wagoneer.  This specific case yielded an error as well.

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  1. I picked up the two Volkswagens, the Fiat and Jeep Wagoneer. Saw the Civic again, but already had it from an earlier case. The Civic should easily be my favorite, but the tampos are such a letdown and kind of ruin the model. I’m not the biggest SVU or Jeep fan, but this Wagoneer is such a classic and looks to be well done, so I decided to make room for it. I think my favorite here is is the Volkswagen Type 34.

  2. I found the wagoneer, dodge police, vw beetle and lancer police in both blister and power grabs. Of course the civic was gone but my timing is still good to be able to acquire these as the 2 boxes of power grabs was reduced only to one the next day.

  3. We in the UK are still waiting for any hints of 2018 stock to come this side of the pond. Has Mattel pulled the plug to UK and Europe? 2016/17 batches were missed and a foodmarket as main source. Asda!!!! Wtf. Well done Mattel brains and genius for this brand. Matchbox has always been 2nd best to hotwheels. 2part tampo rule and so on… Yet they can highly decorate a toaster on wheels for hotwheels. Put the yearly range back to 75. It saves 50 pegwarmers and get rid of those stupid generic models which don’t sell. It’s so sad, once a proud lovely company has gone this way. 65 years and the country of origin doesn’t even get a look in. How about a special presentation pack celebrating the brands anniversary? To UK collectors only? Haha no. Just design what is in the carpark for mattels staff. Who’s name is next on the side? Apologies for the moan. There are kids and adults who have heart to this brand. A great brand at that, from great roots.

  4. Additional, have a look at Siku website. A German company. They have had their problems. Look at the range of realism and pride they still put into their products. Real vehicles to be seen everyday on our roads. Educational vehicles at that. Container trucks, real looking ferry boats which children wants. Matchbox was like that. When I was a child matchbox had everything. I used to want to copy my father and load trucks. If my father had a new car. Matchbox done that car. A lot of children want real. If you want fantasy and go fast stripes, hotwheels. Wake up Mattel.

  5. I agree with Amc, he says what all of us in England are thinking in where the hell are our bloody Matchbox cars ? As someone who has an ear with Mattel John, can you not get them to sort it out ? Sadly us UK collectors will probably never see any of these unless we pay stupid money to eBay sellers, postal charges, and then import tax and the dreaded Royal Mail ransom fee for “admin fees”. I collect proper models not cars for the under 5s and a lot of the Hot Wheels are just rubbish. Greenlight and Johnny Lightnings for me until it’s sorted.

  6. Why should we have resort to ebay rip off artists. Where the f**k is matchbox in the uk? There is no explanations, no one has put us right. By now the high figures of the collectors world, would surely know what is happening now! Even mattel uk couldnt be bothered to reply. Mind you hotwheels every f***ing where you go. Is it mattels ploy that all eyes should be on its 50 years in matchbox homeland? How very frustrating in many ways. I bet a few americans and certain people are coining in on it!

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