Hot Wheels 2018 G Case Unboxing

Lamley hypes JDM, and says “Rrrrrrrrroadster” all funny.  I am proud of both.  Here is the US G Case, provided by A&J Toys.


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  1. A LOT of great stuff here! Some may be carried over from the F case, but with 2018 Hot Wheels just now starting to hit in my area, it’s all new to me.

    Love the Porsche 917! I found 1 and hope for another to open. Strangely, the Gulf livery Indy racer is starting to become common. The BMW M2 is amazing! Love the blue enamel, but have been struggling to find one with good headlight tampos. Shades of Mercedes-AMG GT all over again. Speaking of the GT, aside from the headlights it’s OK, but I much prefer the original yellow and red releases.

    I’ve been a real fan of the VW Kaifer Racer and think this white deco looks great. The Land Rover looks great in this pale retro green, but the Honda Civic Type R would have greatly benefited from being clean red without all the busy graphics. Sadly, a bit of a letdown. I was finally able to add a classic TV Batmobile to my collection!

    I think my #3 car in this case after the Porsche and BMW, would have to be the white GReddy Nissan Fairlady. Beautiful! The dark red Custom Datsun 240Z is also a nice recolor, as are the lime green RX-7 and orange Lotus Esprit. Rounding out my picks from this case is the Lamborghini Huracan LP 620-2. A lovely and well-executed deco. Though I’m still partial to the graphite metallic of the debut model.

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