Case Report: Hot Wheels 2018 H Case

The Hot Wheels H Case is officially out.  Wheel Collectors got their shipment of International Cases earlier this week, and I have seen reports of H Case bins at Walmart. It’s a good case, so whether you buy online or in store, it’s time to get to it.  All the models are listed now at Wheel Collectors:

Hot Wheels Batch H at Wheel Collectors

As always, the gang at Wheel Collectors picked a case at random, and opened it 3-by-3.  Have a look below, and give me your thoughts.  I like this case:

The Regular Treasure Hunt is pictured above, and if you watch my YouTube Channel, you know I am very excited to pull one in my unboxing.  It might make the video 10 minutes longerrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

The Super is the Camaro ZL1.  None were pulled from this case, but I do have one from Mattel to preview.  Note the card art that makes this difficult to open.



4 Replies to “Case Report: Hot Wheels 2018 H Case”

  1. This is a nice case. M2 and McLaren 720S are the ones I’m most excited for, but there’s a ton of fabulous recolors as well…City Turbo, both Skylines, Defender…I’m excited.

  2. G, H and J cases are ones to watch now. All the exotics I love, winning recolors, and the rise of Checkmate. What are they, even, this Checkmate group?

  3. A bit of a dull case. Most of the good stuff is carried forward from G case. Don’t get me wrong, it is essential they release these in two cases to give us a chance at the hot models. Personally, I am looking to snag a second GReddy Fairlady and I think many will appreciate a second shot at the BMW M2. I’m going to say the M2 has Lamley car of the year potential.

    The Honda City Turbo II has been my most anticipated model of the year and I just found the debut white one this week! This black recolor isn’t doing much for me, though I’ll likely pick it up if I see it. The same goes for the R33 Skyline. The debut blue was/is gorgeous! A top model of the year runner, but this purple model is a bit… I don’t know what to call it… “wrong”? Speaking of Skylines, the R30 recolor does strike the right chord with me. I may still prefer the debut red/black, but this one looks good.

    The biggest hit for me in this case would have to be the debut McLaren 720S. Great casting (from what I can see) and a great color choice. For some reason I am less excited about the Porsche (Poor’sha) 😉 918 Spyder than I thought I would be. We’ve had so many recolors of the McLaren P1, that it’s starting to loose its magic.

    OK, let me rephrase my opening line. There are a lot of great models in this case, just not a whole lot of newness.

  4. The Porsche Spyder is much better in hand than one might think from online pics. The new Mclaren is terrific. The R30 Skyline recolor (like its red predecessor) perfectly captures ’80’s styling and color schemes. As for the purple R33, I lurve it madly. I only have one and I want another.

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